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Natalie’s 25th Birthday

Dear Natalie,

In the four years of our friendship, I’ve been collecting images. You know, the ones we jokingly call the “blackmail files”—full of duck faces and awkward moments—just waiting for the right time to be released. I thought about bringing them out today in celebration of you being a quarter century old, but I’m not sure the world is quite ready for those (maybe at 30?). So, everyone will have to settle for the slightly less embarrassing video of you trying to blow out the candles on your birthday cake last week.

On my birthday this year, Davey shared five things he loves about me. While that may sound sentimental, he somehow found ways to make it as embarrassing as possible. And so on this day, your 25th birthday, I thought it would be fun to pass on the love.

So here we go…

5. I love that you become quiet when you’re eating something new. If it’s something you really like, you’ll nod to yourself. Every. single. time.


4. I love that our best sides complement each other for selfies. Because how could we take selfies together if we both had the same “good” side.


3. I love your sense of adventure. I can’t even count the number of places you’ve been in the past year alone. London, Italy, Hawaii, New Zealand, Charleston, Cape Cod… And those are just the ones I can remember. No matter what the trip entails, whether it’s sharing tiny beds or battling flight delays, you make everything an adventure. I love that you push me outside of my comfort zone, and are always challenging me to grow.


2. I love your marriage to Huey. After nearly ten years together he’s my only rival to your perfect complement. And since he’s pretty awesome, I’m okay with that. Nights when Davey and I get to hang with you and Hugh-beard are the best.


1. I love the heart you have for others and how big you dream. I don’t think you’ve ever met someone you weren’t willing to help. You’re one of the most loving, genuine people I’ve ever met, and life is so much better with you in it.

Photo by Katelyn James
Photo by Katelyn James

But most of all I love that I can call you my best friend.
Here’s to your 25th year, which will be your best yet!

(and please don’t kill me for the featured photo!)

Natalie is also sharing the most adorable video on her personal blog today »

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