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The StartUp Series: Jill Gum

Photographer & TuesdaysTogether Jill Gum shares how she started her career as a wedding photographer and encourages creatives to continue to create what they love.

In our StartUp Series, we love highlighting our TuesdaysTogether Leaders. They’ll share who they are, how they got their start and their best advice for new business owners. We have some insanely talented people leading groups all around the world and we know you’re going to learn so much from them!

We’re so excited to introduce you to Jill Gum. Jill is a photographer and the leader of our Springfield, Illinois TuesdaysTogether group.

“Remember what you got you started in the first place and to keep creating for you. Whatever grabbed your heart about your creative task, make sure that’s still something you’re a part of. For me, that means that I have to keep my real camera out at home and that I capture my kids and my family…”

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