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How stillness can take your brand voice to success

Let’s face it, there is a lot of noise out there. And stillness can seem like a distant hope.

stillness for your brand voice

And if you’re anything like me at some point or another you’ve come to a moment in your life where it’s all become way too much and you’ve wanted to curl up, shut down, tune out and turn off.

The trouble is as creative entrepreneurs we do also have an innate drive to want to create, to keep making, moving, producing and innovating.

So in a society that’s become super swamped with so many voices telling us what to do, what it is that will work to make our business a success, what strategy to follow, what our to do list should consist of is it any wonder we get confused or feel a little lost from time to time?

Worse still, if we take that noise and combine it with all we’ve been conditioned to believe from a wider social standpoint – that we’re inadequate, not good enough, smart enough or beautiful enough (unless we purchase X, Y or Z product) we get the exact recipe for self doubt, procrastination, lack of productivity and of course then a lack of results too.

Most of my clients come to me for two things – they either want to make a big impact or create a big income and the two things usually go hand in hand. All too often though I also come into contact with women who feel they have lost touch with themselves, feel blocked from finding their unique brand voice or energetic spark that gives their creativity momentum.

And at the root of all of these things is stillness, or rather a lack of it.

Now don’t get confused when I mention stillness – this is not the same as mindfulness but what it is is a practice that not only lets you become aware of your thoughts and emotions, but it gives you a way to separate yourself from the intensity of them. Along with that it also allows you the space to reconnect with your self, with your heart, with your inner knowledge and body wisdom.

If you’re wondering what your body has to do with your productivity or brand voice? Let me explain.

Your body over the years has become conditioned to respond automatically so much so psychologists state that over 95% of what we do is automated. What that means is that 95% of what we do is subconscious, that we 95% of the time respond to situations via the filter of what we have already learnt.

The trouble with always doing what we’ve already learnt is that it keeps us safely tucked up in our comfort zones, doing the same things, not quite breaking through or reaching forward enough to push our limits, create new results or connect with the wisdom, clarity and confidence that drives us forward.

So, if we want bigger results, if we want great productivity, if we want success – we need to start by listening to our selves and to our intuition rather than all the external noise, conversation or automatic responses that we’ve already learnt.

And what that will give you will be a great connection with your self, clarity and confidence that you know what it is that will give you inevitable results and a unique brand voice because you’ll be listening to your self rather than everyone else out there.

And you know what – having that confidence and clarity in your own brand voice also means that you get to cut out comparison and that spiral of self doubt too.

What’s more it’s really simple to put into practice. I recommend sitting still and quiet for just 15 minutes a day with only one question in mind and then listening for the answer.

If you’re wondering what to expect I can tell you this:

  • you can expect to argue with yourself over doing it,
  • you can also expect to argue with yourself about whether its going to work,
  • you can expect to become aware of just how many thoughts you are having that are trying to tell you its not going to do any good (which also gives you an indication of how often your thoughts try to tell you not to do things that are beneficial for you!)
  • you can expect to hear a lot of answers to your question that are coming from your head,
  • but you can also expect to eventually come to an answer to your question that feels 100% right, true and authentic to you and then you’ll know your answer.

So if you’re looking for permission to do something, confirmation that it will be beneficial for you, or if you’re looking for your unique brand voice then reconnecting with your self is an incredible place to start and the only place that will prove to you that you already not only know the answers you were looking for, but also have everything else inside of you that you need to make magic happen and take your business to success.

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