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Tuesdays Together – Louisville, KY

From Kathryn Duckett

“Our group of creatives in Louisville, Kentucky pooled local talent to celebrate breast cancer survivors in a collaborative photoshoot. One of our Tuesdays Together members, Meredith Sanders Esarey, is a photographer who had breast cancer at a young age. When the announcement about an opportunity to work on a styled shoot was made at our local meeting, Meredith immediately knew this was a chance to make a dream she had long had come to fruition. She brought in friends from her cancer support group to model for glamour photos and, together with event planner Victoria Staton Events International, three photographers, two hair and makeup artists, a designer, a jewelry designer, a watercolor artist, two calligraphers, and an embroidery artist, we captured these women’s strength & beauty at a historic mansion in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville.

Set against the backdrop of marble details, tall columns, and an overgrown garden, we were able to capture the strength & spirit of these incredible women. Prior to the shoot, the ladies submitted words that represented where they were in their battle with cancer and how they saw themselves. It was moving to see all these women had been through and how resilient, brave, and stunning each of them is.

Being able to bring together so many different creative mediums into one pro bono shoot was an incredible opportunity. In our city, we have a slogan that says ‘keep Louisville weird.’ But, after experiencing such heartfelt local talent & seeing such a joyful group of brave women, ‘keep Louisville kind’ might be more apropos.”

1 Chelsey Nelson 2 Chelsey Nelson 3 Laura Cook 5 Chelsey Nelson 6 Chelsey Nelson 7 Laura Cook 9 Chelsey Nelson 10 Chelsey Nelson 11 Laura Cook 12 Merri Jack 13 Merri Jack 14 Chelsey Nelson 15 Laura Cook 16 Merri Jack 18 Merri Jack 20 Chelsey Nelson

Planning/coordination :: @VSIEvents

Styling :: @cremebrands

Hair ::

Makeup :: Mandy Gossom

Photography :: @merrijackphotography,, + Chelsey Nelson

Jewelry :: @sincerelyquinley

Watercolor sign :: @maizieclarke

Hand-lettered wood sign :: @rileyandko

Handmade embroidery :: @thistleandthreaddesign 

Venue :: Lisa Carlon’s Mansion

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