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Tuesdays Together – New Cities!

Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together New Cities: San Francisco, Omaha, Notre Dame

Good morning and happy Friday! Today I am so excited to be sharing with you some of our newest TuesdaysTogether groups!  As our groups grow throughout the country and the world, we decided it would be fun to give you a peek into some of their cities, with a guide to some of their favorite hang-outs. Without further ado, get an inside look at Tulsa and Aarhus!

Things to do in Tulsa Things to do in Tulsa


Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Meet the Leader

WW Designs and Creative Services | | @wendycreates + Livi Lee’s Donuts | | @livileedonuts

Tell us about yourself in one sentence: Louisiana born, Oklahoma raised, creative wife & mother just living the dream (or at least attempting to…)!

Your favorite local hangout? 

With our ever-demanding, small business owning life, home is seriously my favorite hangout! Okay, okay, it might also be Tulsa’s amazing Utica Square. Outdoor shopping with local bites to eat (Queenies or BGB are our picks!) or chain restaurants if you prefer! Spring is always in full bloom, Summer calls for their outdoor concert nights, Fall puts on the most beautiful display, & I can hardly wait each year for them to light up all of their trees with thousands of classic, twinkling clear lights for Winter!

Your favorite local cuisine?

When I think of Tulsa cuisine, I think of 3 things: BBQ, Burgers, & Donuts. All 3 can be found in just about EVERY area of town (and though I might be biased, donuts are my jam ;D)!

What’s your favorite thing about your city?

My absolute most favorite thing about Tulsa, is that one-of-a-kind gorgeous skyline! No matter where I travel to, none compare. That and its big city feel with down-home charm, it just feels right!


Things to Do in Aarhus Denmark Things to Do in Aarhus Denmark


Aarhus, Denmark

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Meet the Leader

Grand Stories Design | | @grandstoriesdesign

Tell us about yourself in one sentence: I’m a newly graduated Graphic Designer, living in Aarhus, Denmark, where I spend my time dreaming up projects for my future paper business, seeking out ways to facilitate true community and drinking good coffee.

Your favorite local hangout?

I love cafés and one of my favorites in Aarhus is Moccacity. It’s small, cosy and it has this white old-fashioned decor that reminds me of Paris. Plus they make the best cinnamon rolls! 🙂

Your favorite local cuisine?

There isn’t really any food that Aarhus is particularly known for, but the city is known for it’s many cafés and restaurants that runs alongside the canal in downtown. It’s especially great in the summer, when you can sit outside late at night and enjoy the surroundings.

What’s your favorite thing about your city?

One of my favorite things about Aarhus is that it has the sea and the forest right next to the city. You can bike from midttown to the forest in 15 minutes! An other thing is that it has two really great museums: ARoS – a modern art museum and Moesgaard Museum – which is a brand new anthropology museum with some of the most exciting exhibition design that I’ve ever seen.



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