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TuesdaysTogether Styled Shoot — Bozeman, Montana

From our Bozeman TuesdaysTogether leader, Sara: 
“When our local TuesdaysTogether group learned about the Styled Shoot challenge from RTS we were overflowing with excitement and ideas! We gathered around a table with a spread of chips, salsa, and margaritas, and started brainstorming together. We quickly decided that we didn’t want to do a wedding themed shoot because we wanted something open to all creatives, not just within the wedding industry. Many amazing ideas were shared, but one idea from a local wedding planner stood out to everyone. Her idea was to mix the juxtaposition of “city culture” and “Montana life”. Our group is based out of Bozeman, Montana and we wanted to show the depth of culture within Montana, pairing it with the typical and wonderful way of life here – including mountains, horses, country life, and the outdoors. We decided to run with a dance/ballet theme for the culture aspect, and placed our dancers on horses, in front of the mountains, adorned with beautiful floral pieces. 
The entire shoot came together better than we could have imagined, and it was so amazing to watch our group collaborate together and rally vendors behind our mission. The final outcome was an abundance of gorgeous images and a community that had grown even closer, and had learned to better build each other up. We are so thankful for the Rising Tide Society and the community they’ve helped us cultivate within our town! We hope you all love these images from our Bozeman, Montana TuesdaysTogether group!”

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