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Tuscon TuesdaysTogether Styled Shoot

From our Tuscon TuesdaysTogether leader, Jennifer:

“Our group sat around a big, wooden table talking about the ways Tuscon TuesdaysTogether has surprised and enchanted us.  For many of us, Tucson has been a fresh start in our lives. We’ve moved to the city later in life for school, work or because of being stationed at the military base. There’s a lot of creative diversity within our Tuscon TuesdaysTogether group, and we wanted to capture that in our shoot. Dreaming up ways to capture the essence of Tucson in a styled shoot deepened my appreciation for the city and our community as I realized the feelings I had for Tucson were shared by so many. We settled on a theme we opted to call Nuevo Tucson, which is inspired by the combination of fresh ideas, life and community blossoming in the Old Pueblo, full of history and culture. The setting of our styled shoot couldn’t have represented this theme better. Mercado San Agustin is a beautiful, stucco-styled market place with an open community courtyard space in the center. Surrounding the courtyard are locally owned shops and restaurants who graciously contributed their handmade jewelry, antique pottery and delicious cuisine to our collaborative shoot. The process of organizing the shoot and reaching out to local vendors and makers unified our Tuscon TuesdaysTogether group. We had always been supportive of each other͛s work, but coming together on a common project helped us learn one another’s strengths and deepened our community. 

Hair and Makeup: Raquel Gonzalez helped with the hair and makeup for many of the models. She did an awesome job keeping us looking fresh—even when it was 113 degrees out that day!

Jewelry: Those amazing tassel earrings, necklaces and handmade bracelets were provided to us by MAST. None of us wanted to take them off after the shoot was over!

Tableware: La Cabana, located in the Mercado San Agustin, generously offered to let us use their antique tableware to spice up our table scape. The bright colors were perfect for capturing the life and zest of Tucson.

Food: Agustin Kitchen, also located in the Mercado San Agustin, provided us with amazing hors doeuvres and cocktails to stage and enjoy. We were so excited once the shoot was over and we could finish them off.

Models: It was a blast working with a group of models! We had so much fun, we hardly needed to worry about posing. Our models were: Adaleta Avdic͛, Anna Katz, Emily Powell, Raquel Gonzalez and Jennifer Spoelma.

Photographers: Betsy and John, Pure in Art Photography, Nieves Montaño Photography and Veronica R. Branson Photography. It was so fun to see each of the photographers bring something unique to the shoot. I loved seeing how their creativity spurred one another on.

From our Tuesdays Together group to yours, we hope you enjoy our Nuevo Tucson styled shoot! If you’re ever in the area, we’ll welcome you with open arms.”


Betsy & John Allen
Nieves Montano
Pure in Art Photography
Veronica Rodriguez

Place Settings/Glassware:
La Cabana


Potted Plants/Florals:
Betsy Allen


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