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Email Makeovers You Don’t Want to Miss (Plus, 12 Free Templates So You Can Do It, Too)

We’ve loved seeing all the email magic everyone’s created in the #UpMyEmailGame Challenge. While the Instagram challenge component is over, it’s not too late to sign up and get 12 free email templates for your business and one month free of Flodesk.

Get started now and take your emails from OK to awesome like some of our challenge participants below.

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from Lilah Higgins
from Atelier21 Co.

This challenge allowed me to reconnect with my audience. I always feared “bothering them” by showing up in their inbox without a freebie, but turns out, they are here to connect with me, too. They genuinely responded to my emails, it was eye opening!

— Ingrid, Atelier21 Co.

from Kait Masters
from Jess, XO

After the #UpMyEmailGame challenge, now I have new emails, including one where I introduce myself. Which I have never done nor thought to do. When people would subscribe I didn’t even send them a welcome email! 😳😳😳😳 I’m so glad I listened to the webinar.

— Osiris, Osiris Photography

from Osiris Photography

#UpMyEmailGame Today

We partnered with the email marketing experts at Flodesk, the email marketing software for small business that lets you design emails people actually want, for the ultimate email marketing crash course.

The #UpMyEmailGame Challenge helps you:

  • Create a year of email marketing content in just three days
  • Get started fast with a webinar recording, walking you through each and every step
  • Stand out with 12 free beautiful email templates
  • Enjoy a free month of Flodesk

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