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[Video] Social Media Strategy During Social Distancing

Today we’re learning from social media strategist, Jamar Diggs! Jamar is giving us a few tips on how to connect with your ideal client through social media during this time of social distancing—what should you start doing and what should you stop doing.

Hi everyone. My name is Jamar Diggs and I want to talk a little bit about what actions you can start doing to better engage your audience on social media.

I know right now the social media space could be a little bit intimidating right now with you, like figuring out: What can you do? What can you say? What can’t you say? And I kind of want to calm your nerves a little bit and kind of just share some tips with you today.

So first things first, people are craving connection. I mean who has left their house in the past four days? I have not. So, people are turning to the internet or any kind of software tools to have that connection that they are craving for on a daily basis.

So honestly, we’re living in a world where virtual happy hours are happening every single day. Sometimes twice a day, in my experience.

Start Going Live

So I’m going to, first, encourage you all to start going live whether, like, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, I want you to do it because guess who else is doing it? Like, these artists and other celebrities are doing it. But guess what— don’t be intimidated by that because you are just as interesting.

And so I want you to think about some kind of creative way that you can get your community together and add some type of value along the way. A really good example of that I want to share with you is maybe if you are a life coach, right? Maybe you, as the life coach, and, maybe you can find a financial coach somewhere on Instagram, and maybe you guys could have an Instagram live on how to manage your finances and mindset during these times. That will be an amazing thing that I’m sure that your community would love to be a part of and think and just keep thinking about it.

Where, like, any of these lives are going to help position you as an expert along the way and give you that, that know, like, and trust factor that I know everyone talks about on a consistent basis, right? In times like this it’s important for us to start talking about you know, how we can help them whenever they are ready.

And it’s totally okay if going live is not your jam right now— I get it –– but I want you to start thinking about how can you give value to your ideal client. Right now people are listening online and they are very open to learning because honestly what else is there to do, right?

So what can you post right now that could make a huge impact on that person’s life or their business or maybe even both? When you do all these things –– so when you go live or when you’re posting all this content, right, and you’re trying to, like, bring your community together and start adding this value, you’re going to— your, you know, like, trust factor is going to go even faster throughout this time because you’re going to be consistent. People are going to be listening to you every day— maybe like maybe every other day— people are just going to be able to trust you a lot more quickly this way.

And so, I really encourage you to just keep thinking about how can you position yourself as the expert? How can you create content? A few things like being on stories, going live, showing your face. People are really trying to, to have that connection with people right now. And I think it’s very, very important for your business to start getting on that as well.

If you have ever been afraid to show your face, I totally get it but give it maybe like try it, like, at least once a day, maybe every other day, warm up to it. This is going to be the best time for people to connect with you right now, and get to know a little bit more about you.

Update Your Ads and Visuals

Now when it comes to something that you should probably think about stopping, I want you to start thinking about checking your ads right now. So if you run Instagram ads or if you run Facebook ads, make sure that you’re being a little bit sensitive on what is happening in the world right now, okay. If your ads are promoting like an event coming up really soon or something that is promoting like a gathering of people, maybe it’s best to pause that right now until times get a little bit better. Right?

And instead, what I would encourage you to do is still run ads, still promote your business, still promote some aspect of your business. But, instead of running ads to, like, an event or something like that, think about building your email list with value-driven content, right? So when times become, you know, like, available for you to start promoting the event, you’re able to do it properly through your email list.

Think about, also, as you’re navigating social media, changing, like, your visuals and changing your copy. As I said before people are— you don’t want to be insensitive to what’s happening in the world right now. So if your visuals are people gathering at like a party, a meeting, a conference, things like that—shift to more like, more like, more individuals or maybe like three people in a picture, something like that. Something that isn’t as anxiety-driven for some people, right?

Update Your Services and Copy

And then your copy. So, instead of focusing on services that would require someone to maybe go to your studio or to go to other places where there’s going to be lots of people at, you probably want to shift it to focusing on more things that can be done from a distance.

What services do you currently offer that can be done online or can be done from a distance away from, like, a lot of people and still be cognizant of social distancing?

Okay. So I hope these tips were helpful regardless of anything that happens today or tomorrow or anything. Just remember, for your business sake, just to always think about your ideal customer and what they’re thinking about right now. And how can you help them really achieve their life goals, their personal goals, their business goals in this climate, so that you can still make a living doing what you love, too, okay?

So just keep keep going forward. We’re in this together. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to me on Instagram @jamardiggs – I would love to hear from you. I will see y’all later. Bye.

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