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Your Brand’s Best Asset? You.

We are all different, and that difference is what will attract or repel clients. When rebranding my business, I learned that whenever I posted personal photos, my audience grew. That was a confirmation for me that I am my brand—I am what makes my business different from the others. What seals the deal when booking a client is me and the experience I create.

Here are 2 simple tips I implemented that helped me attract more clients:

1. Share a bit of YOU on social media

You’ve probably heard about Instagram top nine—this refers to the top nine squares showing on your page. If a client visits your Instagram and doesn’t scroll down, that is where you make your impression. My goal is to have a picture of me, my family, my dog, or something else that’s personal in one of those nine images. That’s because whenever I post something personal, I get more likes and interactions.

Don’t forget your Insta Stories, either. My DMs increase significantly when I post personal stories. One bride who booked me told me at the consultation, “I feel like I know you and your family, so I don’t need to think about it. I’m ready”. That was when I was sure the “brand yourself” strategy was working for me.

2. Make your face part of your brand

Use the same headshot across every medium and all over your online presence. By using the same picture on Facebook, Instagram, your e-mail signature and so on, you are creating brand recognition. People are drawn to real faces more than logos, and by using pictures of yourself rather than a client, it’s like you’re opening the door of your house when your guests arrive. It will help you connect faster and more easily with your prospective clients.

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