Hassle-free client billing for contractors

Manage client inquiries, communication, payments and more — all in one place.

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Hassle-free client billing for contractors

Streamline your entire clientflow

Stop switching tools for every task. Manage billing, communication, contracts and projects from one central hub.

Showcase what makes your business unique

Stand out with customizable templates that fit your brand, show off your work, and win clients.

Let clients sign, pay, and book faster.

Bill clients with invoices built for contractors. Plus, let automatic payment reminders do the follow-up for you.

Easily manage clients from first touch to final payment

  • Funnel inquiries directly into HoneyBook
  • Track projects as they move from stage to stage
  • Automate follow-ups and tasks to take work off your plate
  • Get real-time notifications for important status updates

Streamline all your client communication

  • Keep the back-and-forth in one place
  • See read receipts on all emails and files
  • Get started with contractor invoice, contract, and proposal templates
  • Invite team members or collaborators so everyone’s on the same page

Run your entire business on-the-go

  • Get notified whenever a new inquiry comes in
  • Send estimates, invoices, and contracts from your phone
  • Access project details offline, anytime
  • Track payments in real time. Cha-ching!

Thinking of switching?

Grow your construction business without losing the personal touch.

Features contractors love

All-in-one clientflow platform

Stop switching tools for every task. Keep everything — client communication, documents, payments, scheduling, and more — in one organized place.

Lead and project tracking

Funnel prospective clients from your website, Facebook ads, and email directly into HoneyBook. From there, easily follow up and track projects from end-to-end.

Online invoices

Make it easy for clients to pay you. Set a fixed payment schedule or charge on a recurring basis. Plus, let automatic reminders do the follow-up for you.


Combine online invoices, online contracts, and payment into one seamless experience. Proposals cut down on back-and-forth and help you book clients 2x faster.

Online contracts

Protect your business and capture legally binding signatures. Start from our template or add custom language, plus get notified as soon as a contract is signed.

Online meeting scheduler

Set your availability and let clients easily schedule time with you. Plus, create multiple session types, add locations and send auto-replies and reminders.

Online payment software

Accept all major debit/credit cards with processing fees as low as 2.9% + 25¢ and ACH payments with a 1.5% processing fee. We replace PayPal or Square and even work directly with you in the event of a payment dispute.


Automate steps in your process, at the cadence of your choice. Automations take the nitty gritty stuff off your plate, so you’re free to focus on growing your business.

Free file setup

Our team is here to make your transition onto HoneyBook seamless. Simply send us the documents you currently use to run your business, and we’ll set them up for free.

Client portal software

Give clients access to an organized shared workspace, where they can view all important documents so you’re always on the same page.

Payment reminders

Automatically send reminders to clients when they have upcoming or overdue payments, so you never have to chase down payments.

Mobile app

Work from anywhere with the HoneyBook App for iOS and Android. Get real time updates on leads, payments, and more.

Create professional documents and emails in minutes with templates

Start saving major time on communication with templates for contractors and home improvement professionals.

Contractor/Home Improvement Invoice Templates

Whether you charge on an hourly basis, collect an up-front deposit, or want to bill clients on specific dates, our contractor and home improvement invoice templates have you covered.

Start from a template, make it your own, and customize for any of your clients, instead of starting from scratch every time. Our contractor and home improvement invoice templates allow you to provide a tailored invoice where your clients will view your itemized services, packages, or any other combination of your pricing.


Contractor/Home Improvement Contract Templates

Protect yourself with contracts made for contractors and home improvement professionals. Start from a contractor and home improvement contract template to quickly craft auto-populating, legally binding online contracts and let clients fill and sign from any device.

Start from our contractor and home improvement contracts or add any existing legal language you have to the templates. Our smart-fields will save you tons of time and make sure you never have to manually update a contract with job specific info again! We always recommend reviewing your contractor and home improvement contract template with your attorney, to make sure you’re totally covered.


Contractor/Home Improvement Brochure Templates

Sell your services, add-ons, and other options to clients with brochure templates for contractors and home improvement professionals. Brochures are flexible, totally customizable documents that can function as pricing lists, quotes, testimonials, questionnaires, progress guides, and more.

Essentially, a contractor and home improvement brochure template allows you to present information, including images, to clients and capture a response from them, whether it be a service selection, answering questions, or requesting more information.


Contractor/Home Improvement Proposal Templates

Convert inquiries into jobs with proposal templates for contractors and home improvement professionals. Proposals combine invoice, contract, and payment into one user-friendly flow, so that you can skip the back and forth and get paid fast.

Creating a customized proposal is easy — simply start from a template and pull in the services your client is receiving from you and your preferred contractor and home improvement contract template to create proposals in a snap. You can customize all your contractor and home improvement templates before sending per the client’s needs. Once you send your contractor and home improvement proposal, your clients can review, fill and sign the contract, and pay!


Contractor/Home Improvement Questionnaire Templates

Learn more about a client’s needs and collect feedback from them with questionnaire templates for contractors and home improvement professionals. If you like to send all your clients a list with the same set of questions, all you’ll have to do is start from your contractor and home improvement questionnaire template, adjust anything you’d like for a particular client or job, and send.

Contractor and home improvement questionnaire templates help you ask the right questions and get the information you need to meet your clients’ needs and collect feedback. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, there’s a contractor and home improvement questionnaire template to do the job. You can save as many questionnaire templates as you’d like!


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It's free to try. We hope you do.
It's free to try. We hope you do.

It's free to try. We hope you do.

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