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The Best Free Invoice Templates for Coaches

When you’re your own boss, you have to take charge of your paycheck by invoicing clients. With HoneyBook, you can create professional, stylish invoices in no time, using a coach invoice template, and you can send client invoices online to get paid sooner.

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Create Your Own Invoices For Free

Create Your Own Invoices For Free
Want to send stylish + professional invoices without sinking hours into design? Use HoneyBook to turn exclusive coaching invoice templates into branded invoices. Then, share them online and send automatic payment reminders to get paid, quickly.

Coaching invoicing software

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Create Your Own Invoices For Free
Don’t want to try all of our amazing features for free? Create a simple invoice using our free invoice generator.

Coaching invoice generator

Create my free invoice

Want invoice templates made just for coaches?

Health Coach Invoice
Health Coach Invoice

Health Coach

Helping clients reduce stress, lose weight, and generally improve their quality of life? This template has the fields and features you need to bill for your services.

Business Coach Invoice
Business Coach Invoice

Business Coach

Specialize in supporting entrepreneurs and business owners as they grow their business and work toward their personal goals? This template is designed for your coaching business.

Career Coaching Invoice
Career Coaching Invoice

Career Coaching

Empowering job seekers land to their dream career by guiding them through resume building, interviewing, and career matching? This template will help you break down your pricing while looking professional and stylish.

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant
HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

Coaching is an incredibly demanding career. You meet with multiple clients a day to set goals, establish a positive mindset, and hold them accountable. But you also spend a lot of time nurturing leads, mapping out strategies to help your clients overcome their roadblocks, developing courses and webinars, and taking care of yourself and your business. And altogether, this can create burnout in even the most disciplined and balanced coaches.

HoneyBook makes it easier for you to tackle all of these responsibilities without facing discouragement, frustration, or burnout, by simplifying (and automating!) your tedious administrative tasks.

You can create custom contracts, draft up proposals, create invoices, and a whole lot more using exclusive coaching templates. You can use HoneyBook’s CRM to onboard clients easily and store all client documents and communication in personalized client profiles. You can process payments and schedule meetings automatically. And you can work from anywhere, using HoneyBook’s mobile app.

Everything you need to run a successful coaching business -- without sacrificing your own goals and well-being -- comes built into HoneyBook.

HoneyBook for Coaches

Want to send your clients automatic payment reminders?

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How to Customize Your Coach Invoice Template Like a Pro
How to Customize Your Coach Invoice Template Like a Pro

How to Customize Your Coach Invoice Template Like a Pro

The first you need to do is select a coach invoice template -- one that matches your pricing structure and includes all the fields you need -- and customize the color scheme, add a banner image, and insert your logo to make the invoice look professional.

When the template looks the way you want it to, you can start entering important details to make the bill clear and easy to pay. What you add will largely depend on your personal style and pricing structure, but generally, your invoice should include:

  • An invoice number, based on your unique invoice numbering system (#1, 1001, or 0001)
  • Your business details and contact info
  • A list of your services and a clear explanation of each service
  • Itemized pricing to help clients see where the total cost is coming from
  • Extra charges (like taxes) and discounts that affect the total
  • Any additional links or guidelines to give clients a frictionless way to pay the invoice quickly

With all the invoice elements in place, all you need to do is click send. Your invoice will be posted in your client’s online portal and an email will be sent automatically to let clients know they have a bill waiting for them.

Create Professional Coaching Invoices in 3 Easy Steps

Select Template & Customize

Pick a coach invoice template that matches your business and pricing model. Then, add your logo and customize the colors and banner images to create branded invoices.

Enter Invoice Details

Enter in all the details you need to make your invoice easy to pay -- like your contact information, pricing, services, and a due date for the client payment.

Calculate Cost & Send

With your service costs in place, direct HoneyBook to total up the amount due, factor in taxes, and subtract discounts as needed. Then, click send to share your invoice via your client portal and send an automatic email notification.

7 Types of Invoices for Coaches

Whether you charge by the hour for coaching sessions or send invoices periodically to cover the services and expertise you provide, HoneyBook has several coach invoice templates to make billing easy.

7 Types of Invoices for Coaches
7 Types of Invoices for Coaches
  • Standard Invoice: Create a basic bill at the completion of a coaching engagement or for add-ons throughout the project.
  • Recurring Invoice: Get paid throughout a coaching engagement, by sending monthly or bi-weekly invoices.
  • Prepayment Invoice: Send invoices to collect deposits when clients book space in your calendar.
  • Time-Based Invoice: Create and send invoices for hourly coaching sessions.
  • Credit Invoice: Update clients when you issue refunds or when their accounts have positive balances.
  • Debit Invoice: Notify clients when payments are due and when they’re overdue.
  • Mixed Invoice: Share account charges and credits on the same billing statement

Why Do Coaches Need Online Invoices?

Get paid fast

The last thing you want to do (and have time for!) is to track down late client payments or wait anxiously for a check to arrive in the mail. HoneyBook minimizes the stress by allowing you to create and send your coaching invoices online. And you can direct HoneyBook to send payment reminders automatically, so you never have to worry about following up with a client again.

Deliver a Personalized Client Experience

Coaching is a one-on-one activity, but the business forms you use to onboard and invoice clients usually aren’t as personal. By using a coach invoice template to create custom invoices, you can make each and every one of your clients feel like they’re receiving one-on-one attention from beginning to end.

Simplify Taxes, Installments & Discounts

Calculating taxes and discounts is tedious. With online invoices, you can automatically calculate tax percentages, subtract discounts, and break invoices into even installments by checking a few boxes.

Support Your Clients

You’re in business to help your clients better their lives and their businesses -- not do accounting work. Using coach business software like HoneyBook, you can make an invoice in minutes rather than hours. That means you can spend more of your time making money and less of your time managing it.

Why Do Coaches Need Online Invoices?
Why Do Coaches Need Online Invoices?

The Best Business Software for Coaches


When each coaching engagement is unique, creating proposals can take a lot of time. With HoneyBook, you can onboard clients easily by creating proposals with a stylish proposal template. When you’re happy with it, you can combine your proposal with a contract and an invoice to make the initial stages of the engagement go even faster.


It’s vital to have a contract in place before you jump into any coaching relationship. Not only does it protect your business, but it also protects your clients. HoneyBook’s custom coach contract templates (including a life coach contract and a business coach contract) help you get everything squared away easily. Just open one of the contract templates and enter the legal terms and conditions you use. Then can populate smart fields with your client’s info into and share the contract online. HoneyBook lets you know as soon as you’ve collected your clients’ signatures, so you don’t have to wonder or worry.

All-in-one solution

Toggling between apps, digging through files, and searching for email threads can take up a large chunk of your day. Being powerful business coach, wellness coach, and life coach software, HoneyBook includes everything you need to run your business on autopilot. This includes forms like life coach client intake forms, proposals, contracts, and invoices. HoneyBook also works as a CRM for life coaches (and other types of coaches as well!) -- by allowing you to collect lead information and save all documents and chat conversations to client profiles.

Mobile app

Since most of your work happens on the go, it’s important for you to have tools and resources that work from anywhere. Using HoneyBook, you can create, share, and save documents to your dashboard, while chasing your kids around the house. And you can check in on your leads’ and clients’ tasks on the way to and from client meetings. Everything you need is housed in a user-friendly app.


While emailing is an inevitable part of your day, the back and forth required to schedule client meetings can make you want to pull your hair out. Honeybook saves you time, effort, and sanity, by tackling your scheduling for you. All you have to do is set your availability in HoneyBook, share the link with your clients, and let them pick a time that works best with their schedule. An event will automatically be added to everyone’s calendar, so no one misses a meeting.

Online payments

Having multiple tools to manage your finances isn’t just expensive, it’s also tedious and time-consuming. With HoneyBook, you can do all of your accounting in one place -- from invoicing to payment processing. And your clients can pay with their debit card or credit card in a secure online portal, which makes you look more professional and builds your clients’ confidence.


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