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The Best Free Invoice Templates for Tutors

Creating invoices is tedious. And waiting for client payments is super stressful and frustrating. HoneyBook eliminates both by delivering custom tutoring invoice templates to help you create professional invoices in minutes. Then, you can share your invoices online to get paid faster.

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Create Your Own Invoices For Free

Create Your Own Invoices For Free
Want to send invoices that will impress your students’ parents? Use HoneyBook’s tutoring invoice templates to create professional invoices in a few minutes. Then send them online to get paid, on time.

Tutoring invoicing software

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Create Your Own Invoices For Free
Don’t want to try our incredible features for free? Design a simple invoice with our free invoice generator.

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Want invoice templates made just for tutors + education businesses?

Homeschool Tutoring Invoice
Homeschool Tutoring Invoice

Homeschool Tutoring

Work with students who use a homeschool curriculum or self-pace their learning? This template can help you explain all the nuances of the personalized educational support you provide.

Online Tutoring Invoice
Online Tutoring Invoice

Online Tutoring

Tutoring students via video chat and email? Use this template to give a clear breakdown of your services.

Elementary & Middle School Tutoring Invoice
Elementary & Middle School Tutoring Invoice

Elementary & Middle School Tutoring

Work exclusively with elementary or middle school students? This template is designed to help you bill for your educational enhancement and age-appropriate interventions, easily.

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant
HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

HoneyBook: Like Having Your Own Personal Assistant

Like teaching, tutoring takes a lot of work. Beyond reviewing assignments, enhancing learning, and conducting interventions with students one-on-one, you also support parents by sending email updates and answering questions. But as you well know, this is still only scratching the surface. Since you run a tutoring business, you also have lots of administrative tasks to tackle, like bookkeeping, client management, and client onboarding.

Honeybook helps you win your time back (and maintain a healthy work-life balance), by taking the tedious tasks off your plate. You can store your parents’ and students’ information in HoneyBook’s CRM and communicate with everyone from a single communication platform. Using HoneyBook’s proposal, contract, and invoice templates, you can send professional client documents in minutes. You can even schedule tutoring sessions and accept payments effortlessly, using HoneyBook’s built-in features. All of it is available on a mobile app as well, so you can work from anywhere.

This means you can focus on helping your students succeed, instead of worrying about client paperwork.

HoneyBook for Tutors

Want to send your clients automatic payment reminders?

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How to Customize Your Invoice Template Like a Pro
How to Customize Your Invoice Template Like a Pro

How to Customize Your Invoice Template Like a Pro

First, select a tutor invoice template that fits your services and adjust the color scheme, banner image, and logo to match your preferences. Once you’ve got it looking the way you want, you can add in important details like:

  • Your name (or business name) and contact info
  • The parents’ contact information
  • An invoice number, based on your invoice numbering system
  • An itemized list of all services completed (or a breakdown of the hours worked if you bill on an hourly rate)
  • Pricing for each service (or your standard hourly rate)
  • A list of any taxes, fees, or other charges that apply
  • The date the invoice was sent
  • The invoice due date

At this point, you can break the invoice into installments or send it online as one lump sum. Your students’ parents can pay the invoice from a secure online portal, and you’ll get a notification the moment they do.

Create Professional Tutoring Invoices in 3 Simple Steps

Pick a Template & Customize

Select a tutor invoice template that matches your services and style. Then, tweak the design to match your preferred color scheme and add in your preferred images and logo.

Enter Invoice Details

Enter information about you and your client -- including contact details, work completed, the amount billable, and the invoice due date -- to make bill pay easy.

Calculate Cost & Send

Check a few boxes and add in the relevant tax percentage to total up the amount due. When the invoice total matches your records, hit send.

7 Types of Invoices for Tutoring Businesses

No matter how you bill for your tutoring services, HoneyBook has a template designed to make invoicing easy. These templates include:

7 Types of Invoices for Tutoring Businesses
7 Types of Invoices for Tutoring Businesses
  • Standard Invoice: Bill clients after a tutoring session to stay on top of client payments.
  • Recurring Invoice: Automatically send invoices for weekly tutoring sessions to put your billing on autopilot.
  • Prepayment Invoice: Collect deposits or get paid in full before meeting with a student for peace of mind.
  • Time-Based Invoice: Invoice clients for every hour spent tutoring students and any additional work agreed to.
  • Credit Invoice: Send parents notice when their account has a positive balance, or you’re issuing a refund.
  • Debit Invoice: Let parents know when their bill is due or overdue.
  • Mixed Invoice: Share one invoice (instead of two or three) when parents have charges and credits on their account.

Why Do Tutors Need Online Invoices?

Get Paid On Time

It’s frustrating when parents drag their feet or forget to pay an invoice. HoneyBook helps you minimize late payments by letting you share your invoice in an online portal and sending regular invoice reminders to the parents. Parents can even pay your bill in Honeybook with their debit card, credit card, or bank account information -- making the payment process fast, easy, and secure for everyone.

Impress Parents

Parents care deeply about your qualifications, professionalism, approach, and reputation. And they’re vigilantly watching every interaction to make sure you’re the best tutor for their child. With HoneyBook’s tutoring invoice templates, you can create professional, styled invoices in minutes and send them to your clients quickly. And you can help them feel completely at ease by using a professional payment portal to process each transaction.

Automate Taxes & Discounts

Even if you’re a math wizard, taxes and discounts can be complicated and tedious. Using Honeybook’s invoicing features, you can calculate tax percentages and discounts with a few clicks. This means you can spend more time guiding student learning and less time crunching numbers on a calculator.

Get Back to the Work You Enjoy

You run a tutoring business because you want to help students learn, not because you want to do secretarial work. HoneyBook enables you to focus on the work you enjoy by automating and simplifying everything related to invoicing. You can use an exclusive tutor invoice template to create invoices for each tutoring session, quickly. You can share invoices online and accept client payments in a secure payment portal. Honeybook even allows your long-term clients to set up autopay, for faster, easier bill pay. This means one less thing for you to worry about.

Why Do Tutors Need Online Invoices?
Why Do Tutors Need Online Invoices?

The Best Business Software for Tutors



Fill your calendar quickly by using HoneyBook’s proposal templates to create a professional (and stylish!) proposal. Simply select the one that works best with your services, add in specific details and your recommendations for student support and interventions, fill in the smart fields, and send it. You can even send a contract alongside it to make onboarding a breeze.


Protect your business and put parents at ease with a custom contract. Just select a tutor contract template that matches your services and adjust it however you’d like. Then, enter the legal jargon you use, fill in your business’ information, and direct HoneyBook to autofill your client’s information. Once you send it, your clients can sign it online and HoneyBook will send you a notification when they do.

All-in-one solution

Trade out lots of tabs and tools with HoneyBook’s tutor business software. You can create proposals, contracts, and invoices in one place and share them online for easy client access. You can organize parent and student information with HoneyBook’s built-in CRM. You can even automate scheduling and payment processing. Everything you need to make your business run smoothly can be found in HoneyBook.

Mobile app

Work from anywhere with HoneyBook’s mobile app. You can discuss contracts with parents while traveling to and from tutoring sessions. You can answer student questions from your couch. And you can view your calendar from your kitchen. The same features you use to run your business at your desk can be accessed from your mobile device too.


Schedule tutoring sessions in your sleep by giving your clients the flexibility to book on their own. Just set your availability in the HoneyBook calendar and share your link with parents. Then kick back and relax while they figure out what works best with their calendars, using your tutor scheduling software.

Online payments

Simplify payment processing using HoneyBook’s online payment features. You can send regular payment reminders and an overdue invoice email to encourage your clients to pay faster. And HoneyBook accepts all debit, credit, and bank transfer payments, which means you can deliver a frictionless experience for your clients, as well.


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