How BlogStomp Saves You Time

How BlogStomp Saves You Time | via the Rising Tide Society

by @stompsoftware

We all love making photographs – that’s why we got into this gig in the first place. But the 90% of our time we don’t spend shooting can be exhausting. We get it; we’ve been there. So anything that gets us out from behind the computer and back to what we truly want to be doing is a win, right? While we can’t make ALL your post-production labor go away, we can help make a couple of big tasks happen much faster.

We created BlogStomp to help you blog faster, plain and simple. In one slick software app we’ve significantly reduced the number of steps between your shoot time and your free time! With that in mind, here is the briefest overview of how to save time blogging with BlogStomp.


First things first – BlogStomp LOVES your high resolution images. They’re perfect just the way they are. Don’t compress them, don’t resize them, just feed it the biggest Jpeg files you’ve got and let BlogStomp go to work – that’s *our* job. : ) Along with saving you time waiting for unnecessary exports, this will produce the best quality results.

How BlogStomp Saves You Time | via the Rising Tide Society


If you’re new to BlogStomp you’ll need to go and create some Styles (Settings > Styles).  A style is a group of settings like logo, border, margin, stroke, and size that BlogStomp will use to ensure a consistent look across all your images.

First, you’ll need to know the pixel width of your blog – this is important! 🙂 Getting the size *just* right will save a lot of hassle for you and reduce page load times for your blog visitors. Win, win. Also, getting the size setting correct will help ensure that your blog platform doesn’t downsize your images, leading to a less-than-optimal viewing experience.

We’ve also built in a Facebook style for you based on Facebook’s optimal settings.  You’ll want to tweak it for your branding preferences and add your logo.

Creating Styles will help ensure that all the images you stomp will be uniform, from single “feature shots” to every collage of details. It allows you to forget about the calculations of composite images.


So your Styles are now good to go and you’ve imported your high res images. It’s time to get your Stomp on!

In BlogStomp3 you can do more in app so you don’t have to go back to Photoshop! Features like cropping, custom layouts, text, and color blocks give you even more freedom! Don’t forget about the shortcut keys too. Use [Spacebar] for ‘Mix It Up!’ and [Enter] to ‘Stomp It!’.

How BlogStomp Saves You Time | via the Rising Tide Society


Once your images are Stomped and ready to be shared, you’ve got some options. You can go to your blog and upload like you always have, or there is also a good chance that we can post directly to your blog for you! Blog and gallery sharing works on many platforms, and you can even post directly to Facebook and Twitter from within BlogStomp as well. If you have a WordPress blog you can make use of the built in SEO features that will map across the keywords from your metadata directly into the HTML of your blog post.


Like most things, putting in the work up front to get everything setup will pay dividends. And since BlogStomp is doing its bit, maybe blogging won’t be such a chore!

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Happy Stomping!