10 Tips on How to Close More Sales

10 Tips on How to Close More Sales | via the Rising Tide Society

Scenario: You have a meeting with a prospective client tomorrow. You NEED this client to book with you. You’re freaking out inside but trying to pull it together on the outside.

What do you do?

The answer is simple. It all starts with believing in yourself and having confidence in your product or service. Don’t just say the words but actually believe 100% that you’re going to ROCK that meeting. Our minds are powerful tools. They can make or break us. Think about it…

Let’s say, you go into the meeting feeling desperate, unsure of yourself and you can’t stop thinking about how you NEED to book this person, or you better start looking for a “real job.” Close your eyes and imagine that feeling. Your body tenses up. You have to fake a friendly face. Your voice is a little shaky. Your timid demeanor is obvious. Your potential client will sense that fear and uncertainty! 

Okay, shake off that scene. I mean, for good. There’s no reason you need to go back to that place. Ever. Let’s create a better, more confident image you’re going to use from here on out. First, take money out of the equation. I know, I know…you NEED this money. That’s part of the problem. You’re so focused on the money. Ditch that for second.

Instead, think about why you started your business in the first place. Think about what fires you up! Think about your passion and talent and what you have to offer the world; what you have to offer this prospective client. Feel that excitement in your veins?! Let that positivity shine through.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” – Simon Sinek

Early in our photography business, we’d walk into meetings with prospective clients feeling desperate and uncertain. Of course, we didn’t want to come off that way; but I’m positive we did in a lot of cases. As the months and years went on and we booked more clients, enough for both my hubby and me to be full-time entrepreneurs, our client meetings actually became fun.

We changed our mindset from selling to sharing our passion and excitement. Our conversations went from rigid to fluid. And our booking rate skyrocketed.

We know the same can be true for you. Below are a few more tips on how to close more sales. But remember, unless you’re in that right mindset, the below won’t do you much good. So, start there!!

10 Tips on How to Close More Sales | via the Rising Tide Society


  1. Lead with confidence and passion for what you do. Get pumped! (See above!)
  2. Focus on the person/people you are talking to. Make it about them, not about you, for the majority of the time.
  3. Lead with small talk, that turns into something more meaningful. Not just talk about the weather, but find out what they do for fun and/or work. Learn about their family.
  4. Find a common ground. Maybe you’re both from the Midwest or you both love hiking or you are watching the same TV series on Hulu.
  5. Be yourself. Talk how you talk. Act how you act. If you try anything different, it might come off as sales-y.
  6. Find out what they’re looking for; what are they lacking? (Brand strategy, a wedding photographer who really gets them, etc.) You are the solution to what they’re looking for!
  7. Have them imagine what it will feel like once they have that problem solved. (A brand that represents exactly what they’re going for, the perfect website finished, a wedding photographer who feels like a BFF, etc.)
  8. Ask them how soon they’d like to have the problem solved. (Have the site finished, book their photographer, etc.)
  9. Share what you do and how you’re the solution to what they desire.
  10. Ask the question, “Does this sound like what you’re looking for?”


Practice all of this! Visualize the outcome you desire! As soon as you shift your mindset and implement these strategies, we’re sure your next meeting with a prospective client is going to go better than any meeting you’ve ever had before!

Becky Morquecho

Becky and her hubby Jesse (yes, just like Full House!), owners of Idealust, help creative entrepreneurs build businesses that produce profits + joy. When she's not coaching others to make their dreams come true, she's living out her own dream, beach cruising with her baby cakes, soaking up the San Diego sunshine. For a glimpse of her adventures, join her on Instagram @idealustlife.