How Website Designer Stefani Used HoneyBook to Stop Getting Ghosted & Start Booking FAST

Tired of taking inquiry calls that never booked, Stefani made a big change to her client communication. The game changer? She started sending HoneyBook Proposals within 15 minutes of every consultation call and sealing more deals than ever.

The Situation

Remember that Whac-a-Mole game in arcades? The more moles you bopped on the head, the higher you scored. The challenge was there were always more moles popping up at once than you could bop. In some ways, it was like practice for real life as a small business owner. Constantly going back and forth with inquiries to convert them into clients—all to never hear from them again—can leave you feeling like you’ll never beat your high score.  

That’s how website designer Stefani Lefler felt in her business at December Oak. Here’s her story.

Ready to stop getting ghosted?

With HoneyBook, you can keep everything in one place to quickly manage inquiries, documents and payments for seamless client communication.


The Challenge

We create custom websites that marry unique design and conversion-focused strategy for creatives. Our challenge was that we weren’t converting enough of our inquiries. The calls would go so well but booking with us was a headache (we were using 17Hats). We sent up to 3 emails to get people booked as clients on our calendar. With all that back-and-forth, they’d lose momentum and excitement.

The Solution

To help us convert more inquiries, we switched to HoneyBook. They’re known for helping client communication flow from one thing to the next. Our favorite features are the Templates and Proposals (that’s a summary of services + contract + invoice—all in one!). 

How We Use Templates

Using Templates, I outline my base packages, invoices, contracts, brochures, questionnaires, and proposals so they’re ready to go. It’s super quick when I need to send any of those documents to a client. This saves me so much time. Plus, the initial set-up helps me to properly outline my offerings so I understand which clients will benefit from each package.

How We Use Proposals

Within 15 minutes of having a consultation, we use our Proposal Template to send a customized Proposal to our potential clients so they can quickly book while they have the most motivation to do so. It’s helped our conversion rate almost double and makes us look a lot more professional.

Other Features We Love

We also love the payments list to easily see what’s still coming in and the Pipeline to quickly see what stage all of our projects are at. Plus, the cha-ching notification on the mobile app when we get a payment is the BEST sound.

The HoneyBook pipeline provides a bird’s eye view of your entire business.


When we switched to HoneyBook from 17Hats, we went from a 50% conversion rate to 90% within the first 8 months. That’s almost double the number of people that book us once they inquire and we schedule a consultation! We also save at least 2 hours a week when sending “paperwork” and not having to remind clients ourselves to make their payments.


Converted almost 2x as many inquiries to clients in 8 months

2+ hours

Time saved each week working on admin tasks

Thanks, Stefani! 

Get ready to simplify & scale

HoneyBook takes the heavy lifting out of running—and growing—a services-based business off your plate. From managing inquiries to helping you get paid to streamlining your projects, HoneyBook can be customized to fit your process, whether you’re a website designer like Stefani, a business coach, an interior designer or a virtual assistant, just to name a few.

Try HoneyBook Proposals

With Proposals, you can send your summary of services + contract + invoice—all wrapped into one—right after your consultation calls like Stefani does to stop getting ghosted and start getting booked.


Sobrina Pies

I'm a HoneyBooker—writing about small businesses, the people who run them, and tips and tricks to help them grow. I also run Quiet Like Horses, helping small business owners become better writers. So you can use your words to grow your business—and make more money.