September 11, 2001


Today is a day that Americans will long remember.  It’s a day of sadness and sorrow and of the unthinkable.  When we were planning out the schedule for the blog, we realized that this is a day to pause and reflect on the lives lost so many years ago.  We are inspired by those men and women who sacrificed their lives that day.  We are grateful to live in a country that allows us to pursue our passions, speak freely, and dream openly.  We will never forget the families of all of those affected fourteen years ago.  Today, we remember. Today, we pledge to never forget.

Lauren Swann

Lauren Swann is an East Coast and Destination Fine Art Wedding and Couples’ Photographer who specializes in capturing and celebrating marriage. She graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore County with a degree in Visual Arts. She loves creating environments and communities in which other creatives can feel encouraged to create art within any discipline.