Tuesdays Together San Francisco Launch

Last week Davey, Natalie, Huey and I headed out to San Francisco to celebrate the launch of TuesdaysTogether in the city. It was our first trip to SF and we couldn’t have received a better welcome from both the creatives in the city and HoneyBook. With brunch at Foreign Cinema, a Giants game, the TuesdaysTogether party, shopping downtown, lunch in Sonoma and photos by the Golden Gate bridge, it was a full week! Our San Francisco leader Kayla Fletcher did the most amazing job hosting the event and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the city! And thank you to Batter Up Cakery, Megan Clouse, Brown Fox Calligraphy, Love Life Bloom and Chairs and Cups for providing food, photography and everything we needed for the event!

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Special thanks for Megan Clouse for these incredible photos!

Krista Jones

Krista Jones is a fine art film photographer and Graphic Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in crafting unique brands that extend far beyond distinct typography and varying color palettes. Krista’s unique understanding of visual marketing, web design, and search engine optimization has enabled her to create dynamic identities that prosper both online and in the marketplace.

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  1. That video is everything!! I love it. The part of Huey and hooded Davey eating is so funny, and the beach scenes are stunning. What a way to capture the moment, Krista.


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