All-in-one dog trainer business software

As a dog trainer you want to be out there doing what you enjoy best - working with dogs. Free up more time to do just that with our dog trainer business software to manage client inquiries, training session bookings, payments and more — all in one place.

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All-in-one dog trainer business software

Streamline your entire client booking flow

All-in-one dog training business software keeps your business processes organized and efficient without needing to switch tools for every task.

Showcase what makes your business unique

Flexible templates help you showcase your dog training experience, and professionalism.

Let clients sign, pay, and book faster

Quickly send invoices, contracts, agreements, and proposals so clients can hire you in one simple step. Then let automatic payment reminders do the follow up for you.

Easily manage client training sessions from first inquiry to final payment

  • Gather info about your client and their dog with questionnaires or contact forms
  • Save time by replying automatically using online automations
  • Get agreements signed with contract templates through our dog trainer business software
  • Bill clients with dog training proposal and invoice templates

Streamline client communication

  • Keep the back-and-forth in one place
  • Use templates for your client emails, proposals, and more
  • Schedule dog training sessions

Manage inquiries and training sessions on-the-go

  • Get notified when a new inquiry comes in
  • Send contracts, invoices and more from your phone
  • Access documents and client details offline, anytime
  • Track payments in real time. Cha-ching!

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Try the best dog trainer business software for those who want to work on their own terms.

Features dog trainers love

All-in-One Solution

Keep everything — client communication, payments, training scheduling and more — in one organized place.

Lead Tracking

Funnel prospective clients from your website, Facebook ads, and email directly into HoneyBook. From there you’re able to easily follow up and keep your training services at the forefront of their minds.

Online Invoices

Make it easy for clients to pay you directly through our dog trainer business software. Set a fixed payment schedule or charge on a recurring basis. Plus, let automatic reminders do the follow-up for you.


Combine your online invoices, contracts and payments into one seamless experience. Proposals cut down on back-and-forth and help you book clients for training sessions 2x faster.

Online Contracts

Protect your dog trainer business and create legally binding contracts. Start from a template or add custom language, plus get notified as soon as a contract is signed.


Set your availability and let clients easily schedule time for a training session with you. Plus, create multiple session types, add locations and send auto-replies and reminders.

Online Payments

With our dog trainer business software you can accept all major debit/credit cards with processing fees as low as 2.9% + 25¢ and ACH payments with a 1.5% processing fee. We replace Paypal or Square and even work directly with you in the event of a payment dispute.


Automations take the boring admin things off your plate, so you’re free to focus on training more dogs and growing your business.

Free Account Migration

Our team is here to make your transition onto HoneyBook seamless. Simply send us the documents you currently use to run, and we’ll set your dog training business up for free.

Client Portal Software

Give clients access to an organized shared workspace, this will allow them to be a part of their dogs training journey.

Payment Reminders

Cut out the embarrassment of having to chase down payments for training sessions. With payment reminder emails, you can automatically let your clients know they have an upcoming or overdue payment.

Mobile App

Never miss a booking again, by always being available for interested clients. With the HoneyBook App for iOS and Android, get real time updates on leads, payments, and more on the go.

Create professional documents and emails in minutes with templates

Use templates for dog trainers to save time and reduce back-and-forth.

Dog Trainer Invoice Templates

Whether you charge per training session or a monthly fee, our dog trainer invoice templates have you covered.

Start from a template, make it your own, and customize for any client instead of starting from scratch every time. Our dog trainer invoice templates lets you incorporate personalization for each client and give them a tailored invoice with specific training packages, or any other combination of your dog training pricing.

Dog Trainer Contract Templates

Protect yourself with contracts and agreements made specifically for dog trainers. Start from a HoneyBook contract template to quickly craft auto-populating and legally binding online contracts. Clients are able to accept and sign from any device.

You can add any existing legal language you may have to a template. Our smart-fields will save you from having to manually update a contract with job specific info. We always recommend reviewing your dog trainer contract with an attorney to make sure you’re totally covered.

Dog Trainer Brochure Templates

Sell your dog training services to clients with brochure templates. Brochures are flexible, customizable documents that can work as welcome packets, pricing lists, quotes, testimonials, questionnaires, progress guides, and more.

Your dog trainer brochure template lets you present any information to clients and capture a response from them in one place. Let them select services, answer kick-off questions, or request more information.

Dog Trainer Proposal Templates

Convert inquiries into training sessions with proposal templates for dog trainers. Proposals combine invoices, contracts, and payments into one user-friendly flow that reduces back and forth and gets you paid faster.

Creating a customized proposal is easy — simply pull in the training services your client is receiving and your preferred dog trainer contract to create proposals in a snap. You can customize all your dog trainer templates before sending based on your client’s needs. Once you send over your proposal, your clients can review, sign the contract, and pay!

Dog Trainer Questionnaire Templates

Knowing exactly what your client wants to achieve with their dog can help you to plan the perfect training sessions for them. A great way to get this info is with our client questionnaire templates. If you like to send all your clients a list with the same set of questions, great! All you’ll have to do is duplicate your dog trainer questionnaire template and adjust anything you’d like for a particular client, and send.

Dog trainer questionnaire templates help you ask the right questions and get the information you need to meet your clients’ needs. No matter what stage of the dog training process you’re in, there’s a questionnaire template to do the job. You can save as many questionnaire templates as you’d like.

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It's free to try. We hope you do.
It's free to try. We hope you do.

It's free to try. We hope you do.

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