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4 Business Lessons we Can Learn from the Donut Movement

What does it take for someone who doesn’t even love donuts to stand in line to experience the crave? It takes a movement. I give you… the donut movement.

We have seen them all over Instagram and let’s get real – we have been drooling over those donuts. I don’t even like donuts and I want to get a box just to take photos and share with my audience. It makes sense that something with sprinkles and fun colors would find its way onto the platform that is centered around all things happy and inspirational.

There’s no denying the donut movement so only two questions remain: 1) What’s your favorite donut?
2) What business lessons can we learn from the donut movement?


Find the one thing
What is the one thing you want your business to be known for? Hurts Donut is known for their wild ingredients on their donuts. They serve maple bacon donuts, cereal-covered donuts, mint oreo donuts, and the list goes on! They also serve coffee, iced beverages, and cinnamon rolls but that’s not why customers first visit Hurts Donuts.

Start with the heart of why you do what you do and find the one thing you want your business to be known for. This will be the legacy of your business.

Invite the Lines
We have poured our hearts into our products and services and sometimes we forget to invite our people to buy from us. I see this happen most in my business when I don’t know how to ask for the sale. Here are some of my favorite invitations from Hurts Donuts:

  1. Provide the address to the storefront as your call-to-action.
  2. Share a sneak peek to build excitement.
  3. Give something away in exchange for exposure.

4. Use your business personality to tell your customers how your product or service will make them feel.

Years ago, you would have found me standing at my business “door,” just waiting for the line to form. I never knew I could simply invite my dream clients to come and wait in line for my services. If you feel like you’re in that place, use one of the strategies above and see how it works with your audience!

Name your biz personality
What’s is the tone of your writing and marketing? Is it funny, witty, sentimental, story-driven, or ___________? Don’t overthink this part! If you’re a small business, this is simpler because your business personality is your personality. Whatever it is, own it. If you walk inside a Hurts Donuts, you’re going to be bombarded with hilarious signs. The sign on the door says, “Solicitors will be sprinkled and glazed on site. “Another sign includes Do’s and Donuts. The 4th rule reads, “Do: Eat like an animal. Donut: Bring one in the store.”

If you’re worried about your business personality fitting in, I have been there and it’s time to lay down that fear. Your business gets to stand out. Embrace who you are and the heart of your business. I want you to stand out. I don’t want you to try to blend in anymore.

Use a tribe to create a tribe
There’s a new Hurts Donuts coming to Branson, Missouri in 2017. They have a Facebook page and are regularly posting sneak peeks of donuts from other locations. They are building their tribe by using The Walking Dead’s tribe. They are building their tribe by using Oreo’s tribe.

When they are “using” another tribe, they aren’t stealing from that tribe. They are adding value to that tribe. They are encouraging that tribe. They are saying, “Hey! We are part of that tribe too! We love that tribe!” That’s why it’s so effective. If you want to give this a try, brainstorm how you can add value to that tribe. Don’t worry about sharing a blog post in the tribe’s Facebook group. Instead, write a blog post specifically for that tribe, do all the SEO tricks, and rank on page 1 when someone searches for that creative group.

Be different
What’s one thing you would never, ever do? Maybe you’re like me and would never start dancing in the middle of a coffee shop. Maybe you would never try to run a half marathon. Maybe you would never post a selfie. Maybe you would never do anything to bring attention to yourself because you are trying so hard to shine the light on everyone else.

Today, that changes. You keep shining the light on everyone else, but today I want you to step into that light, to o. Today I want you to do something that you would never, ever do. I want you to stand out in a public way. Dance in the middle of a coffee shop. Run a half marathon. Post a selfie. This is what it’s like to run a creative business and you get to stand out.

So tell me – what’s your favorite donut?! Once in a blue moon you’ll find me with a chocolate-covered long john. If you want to learn more about how to market to your dream clients, I have a free e-book for you and you can get it right here.

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