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5 tips to help product makers prepare for the holiday season

If you’re a product maker or creator you’re probably in the thick of getting ready for people to start purchasing their Christmas gifts from your online shop. If you’re like me, almost all my retail sales are done from October 1st until December 25th so we need our websites, shops and social media outlets to be on point for the holidays! Here’s 5 tips for product makers to help prepare you for the holidays.


  1. Give your shop a holiday facelift
    – Make sure your shop photos have greenery, pine cones, presents, gold ribbons, bows – anything that sets mood and       tone for Christmas shopping
    – Take some flat lays with some holy and pine cones with your product in the centre
    – Google or go on Pinterest for some ideas
    – Go forage in the woods or to a Christmas tree farm to take some images
    – You really want to set the mood if you don’t have a brick and mortar site to help your customers visualize
    – Change your Facebook banner, home page banner to something more Christmas related
  2. Offer different gift sections on your website
    This one is so important and has helped my customers out so many times! Having different gift sections helps people visualize a specific person or stay within their christmas budget when they’re shopping. We want to make it easy for our customers and help them with their pain points. Here’s some ideas on gift sections you can make on your shop, they can be economical, funny or helpful!

    – Gifts Under $50
    – Gifts for the fashionista in your life – Gifts for the Cook
    – Gifts for the bohemian girl
    – Gifts for the outdoor Man
    – Gifts that won’t break the bank
    – Gifts for Her

  3. Have a packaging station in your studio
    To often my studio gets insanely messy around this time of year. Having a packaging station has saved my butt more often then I can count. It stream lines my shipping process and makes my customers happy to receive their orders quickly.

    -Set up temporary fold up table if you don’t have space in your studio
    -Printer (for printing off Etsy or Shopify stores cheaper shipping rates)
    -Bubble wrap
    -Thank you cards
    -Tissue paper
    -Gift boxes
    -Sparkle pens
    -Holiday stickers (who doesn’t love snail mail with stickers all over it!)

  1. Do a holiday giveaway
    November is a great month to do a holiday giveaway. It puts you in the forefront of people’s mind so when they do start shopping for gifts they’ll think of your shop.

    – Instagram giveaway
    -Ask your followers to tag a friend
    -Ask them which product they love most on your site and comment with the name on the image (this gets them to go to your site; bonus!)

  2. Tell your customers important dates
    It’s so important to let your customers know when the last date is for custom work or shipping a product. If you ship to other countries this is especially important! Communication is key and it will again remind your customers to shop from you this season.

    -Have a pop up on your shop announcement with the dates
    -Email your customers with dates
    -Do a Facebook or Instagram post with specific dates

    I hope you have such a wonderful and successful Holiday season selling all your products! What are some ideas you implement to help prepare for this busy season. I’d love to hear them. Tell us in the comments or message me on Instagram

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