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HoneyBook x Freelancers Union: Empowering independent business success 

A partnership built on advocacy, education, and resources to provide ongoing value for independent businesses. From contract templates to SXSW, and more. 

HoneyBook x Freelancers Union

Independent businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and the heart of their local communities, but they don’t have access to the same support and protections that large organizations do. To help fill this gap, HoneyBook and the Freelancers Union have teamed up and are excited to announce a new partnership dedicated to empowering independent business success. 

Both HoneyBook and the Freelancers Union are committed to making it easier for freelancers and independent business owners to thrive doing the work they love. The HoneyBook platform offers essential tools for client communication, contracts, payments, and more, all in one centralized place to make managing your clientflow simple and seamless. With less time spent on admin work, business owners can focus more on their goals and growth. 

Freelancers Union is a non-profit organization focused on advocacy, education, and providing services. They support over 700,000 independent workers nationwide with benefits that include health, dental, and life insurance, co-working spaces and professional development resources, policy change advocacy (such as Freelance Isn’t Free laws), legal and financial clinics, and more. 

Pro tip

Freelancers Union members are eligible for 50% off their first year of HoneyBook and will get access to a Freelancers-Union certified contract template at sign-up. Get started here.

Offering Freelancers Union members access to HoneyBook is just one of the many ways the partnership will strengthen each organization’s commitment to a thriving independent business economy. 

Protecting freelancers and independent businesses

One of the most shared values between HoneyBook and the Freelancers Union is the commitment to protecting freelancers and independents. Building a sustainable business starts with best practices that safeguard your livelihood. 

Freelancers Union advocates for essential protections, such as unemployment benefits, paid leave, and pay protections. By engaging with independent workers across the country, the organization can act with a united voice and fight for legislation and expanded working protections that make life better for all freelancers. 

HoneyBook spoke with Freelancers Union president Rafael Espinal on the Independent Business podcast about some of the most significant challenges independents currently face. Data collected by Freelancers Union shows that only 28% of freelancers always use a contract, which leaves the majority vulnerable to exploitation. 

HoneyBook gives business owners access to attorney-reviewed contract templates that help ensure their work is protected. By using HoneyBook’s online contract, businesses can set clear client expectations, avoid scope creep, ensure on-time payments, protect against cancellations, and much more. Starting each new project and client relationship with a contract is an important best practice that will protect your business in the long term. 

This is just one of many areas where HoneyBook and the Freelancers Union are aligned. Union members who join HoneyBook will get access to a Freelancers-Union certified contract template. 

Freelance isn’t free: the right to get paid 

Everyone can agree that fair work deserves payment—freelance is no exception. As simple as that may sound, the reality is often far from it. Getting paid on time and without issue can often be a frustrating challenge for many business owners. 

That’s why Freelancers Union launched the Freelance Isn’t Free initiative to fight for pay protections and provide business owners with a roadmap for doing the same in their local communities. 

Thanks to their advocacy, workers in New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles can now count on 30-day payment terms, mandatory contracts, anti-retaliation, and more. The union also aims to expand these protections across the country. 

The longest invoice initiative also quantifies the amount of missing income for freelancers and independent workers. Currently, the tool shows that more than $1,000,000 is owed to freelancers nationwide, helping to spread awareness about the broad issue of nonpayment. 

When it comes to client relationships and individual projects, HoneyBook is similarly dedicated to getting clients paid. Along with contract templates that include payment terms, members can use HoneyBook to send automatic payment reminders and automatic late payment fees. These tools help eliminate the stressful task of chasing down payments and reminding clients what they owe. 

By partnering together, Freelancers Union and HoneyBook can better help business owners advocate for their rights, handle unruly clients, and get paid on time. 

Join the Independent Business Meetup at SXSW 2024

To kick off the partnership, HoneyBook and the Freelancers Union are co-hosting an Independent Business Meet Up at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas on March 11, 2024.

The meet-up will bring business owners together to discuss the all-important topic of getting paid. Focused on the Freelance Isn’t Free initiative, Rafael Espinal and HoneyBook Head of Partnerships Emma Radin, will lead a conversation about protecting your business, advocating for pay protections to your local government, and simply connecting over the challenges and triumphs of running an independent business. 

Gather with fellow freelancers to swap ideas, share learnings, and build relationships for the future. We hope to see you there! 

We’re just getting started

This is only the beginning of what is possible now that HoneyBook and the Freelancers Union have teamed up. With a focus on education and connection, the partnership will provide ongoing value to freelancers and independent business owners. 

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities in the months ahead. 

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