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#RescheduleDontCancel: Save the DJs and Production Companies

Small business owners, independent contractors and self-employed service providers are facing the challenge of a lifetime. As a result of the coronavirus crisis and cancelled events and bookings, many face losing their jobs and are at an increased risk of declaring bankruptcy. Wasked our community members to share the importance of what they do in their own words. We ask you to imagine a world without these creative forces and to take action today: Pledge your support for the #RescheduleDontCancel movement.

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Hi, I’m DJ Rick Web.

Fusion Sound and Lighting is a private event DJ and production company. We mainly do weddings and school dances, with a variety of special production events throughout the year.

What would the world be like without professional DJs and production companies?

My company, along with all the other awesome private event companies out there, bring events to life! Transforming the atmosphere of the event through lighting and sound, bringing smiles to the guests faces through entertainment, and creating the fun environment our client envisioned.

How can the larger community help?

There are two things we have been asking from our clients. For past clients and even guests at our events, we would love for you to help us out by leaving a review of our services.

For our future/current clients, we ask that you reach out to us to discuss options moving forward. We are here to help in any way shape or form. We are focusing on creative solutions to help make things easier for everyone.

Join the #RescheduleDontCancel Movement on social media.

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