How Chic Sketch Reimagined Their Events Business as a Virtual Events Business

In light of the pandemic, many members have pivoted so successfully that their new services will become a permanent part of their businesses. In our Business Pivot series, they share how they did it so others can also build more diversified businesses to better sustain volatility.

Chic Sketch virtual event sketching

As part of our Business Pivot series, Jordan Edelson of Chic Sketch shares how they reimagined their events business into a virtual events business.

How did you pivot your business in light of coronavirus?

We reimagined our events business as a virtual events business. Our goal was to create a similar experience to our physical activations where guests are sketched live by our talented illustrators over a video conferencing platform.

Before the pandemic: Chic Sketch sketching live on the Red Carpet at the Latin AMA’s.
After the pandemic: Chic Sketch sketching live during virtual events.

How are you monetizing it?

We offer a variety of custom solutions for virtual event activations. We charge by the hour and offer a number of add-ons to enhance the experience and to bring to life the magic of live illustration.

How and where are you marketing it?

We just launched this new service and are re-targeting our existing client base as well as pushing hard on social.

Chic Sketch’s linktree on Instagram

How are you managing that business logistically?

Yes, HoneyBook is critical to the sales ingestion, processing and closing of event leads. It has been heavily integrated into our lead generation pages through the use of contact forms.

Chic Sketch’s website with the HoneyBook contact form embedded to help manage all leads in one place

Turn more inquiries into booked clients

The HoneyBook contact form captures client info in one place & allows you to reply to inquiries with automated follow-ups or questionnaires.


What has the response been like?

The response so far has been tremendous. We’re very optimistic about this new direction for our business.

How did you decide to keep this offering in your business permanently?

As of now we will continue to offer this new service. It has become complementary to our existing services. There has been a paradigm shift in consumer behaviors, especially in their adaption and emotional acceptance of virtual video conferencing. This has opened a door for our new service.

There has been a paradigm shift in consumer behaviors, especially in emotional acceptance of virtual video conferencing. This has opened a door for our new service.

Is there anything you plan to change about your business once the pandemic is over?

There’s still much for us to learn as we’re in the early stages of the pandemic. Once the pandemic is over, I anticipate a continuation of our Work From Home policies.

How can people replicate your success?

Our new revenue stream requires, training of talent, development of our proprietary technology, logistical coordination and a commitment to superior customer service.

Thanks, Jordan!

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