The Start-Up Series: Marigold & Grey

Each Tuesday, we’ll be posting a short video from one of our TuesdaysTogether leaders. They’ll share who they are, how they got their start and their best advice for new business owners. We have some insanely talented people leading these groups and we know you’re going to learn so much from them!

In today’s video we’re excited to introduce you to Jamie Kutchman. Just over a year ago, Jamie launched her gift box business – Marigold & Grey. Since then, she’s taken the industry by storm and she’s quickly become a leader within the DC community.  In today’s video, Jamie shares the impact finding your ideal client can have. She says that by focusing on our ideal client and serving them well, you won’t need to compare yourself to others. The comparison game will get a lot less important to you. 

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  1. Love this! Jamie is such an encouragement. I started following her when she first began and it has been amazing to watch her success!

  2. This is just what I needed today. You guys are doing such amazing work. I definitely need to plan and attend one of the gatherings in Orlando!


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