Two Keys to Great Team Management


Over the past six years, I’ve learned a lot about how to lead (and how not to lead) my team. Six years in, I finally feel like I’m getting in a groove with team management, mentorship, and the constant flow of people coming and going. Managing a business with 12+ women is a blessing, but it requires routine and organization. Here are the two things I try to focus on when managing my team:


1. Regular Contact

Make it a point to email your team weekly with updates. (One email instead of several small ones throughout the week is our preference.) Also, be sure to reach out to each employee personally to check in at least once a month. Finally, a personal quarterly call with each team member keeps you connected to their goals, their current feelings, and how you can best help them. 


2. Create a Community

Even if you don’t always work in the same space with your team, creating a sense of community or a place to collaborate is key to a healthy team. Creating the freedom for your team to ask questions and share both personal and professional updates fosters a positive work environment, even remotely. Be sure to set the stage for healthy, uplifting conversations and establish a “no gossip” policy within team chats.

So how should you do this? For quick questions and life updates, GroupMe is a great way to stay in constant contact. Hosting a monthly team meeting via a tool like Zoom or Skype gives you opportunities for face-to-face interactions—on each call, encourage different associates to share what they’re currently learning with the team. Finally, hosting a monthly team “happy hour” video call where associates can just connect “face-to-face” on a personal level is a great way to foster community.


Happy team building, friends!


Sarah Chancey

Hi! I’m Sarah Chancey!

Most days, you’ll find me steering my business from my home office and taking breaks to chase after my toddler son padding barefoot through the house: between Boaz and my cute husband, there’s always an Atlanta Braves game on! I’m a wedding planner, industry educator, design-loving sketch-book aficionado, and mentor to my team — serving wedding planners as they build a career they love and learn the ropes of the industry is why I’m in business.

“I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to find a creative career with freedom and flexibility to focus on what’s important: your faith and your family.”

My planning style? It stems for interior design major studies and custom sketches melded with tech-focused online design boards: capturing a bride’s vision while encouraging her along the way is our goal — after all; you’re going to look back on your wedding for decades! I believe in creating blissful wedding days filling them with authenticity and heart — and making it stress-free, to boot!

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