Join the #UpMyEmailGame Challenge: Create a Year of Email Marketing Content in 3 Days + Free Templates

Join the #UpMyEmailGame Challenge: Create a Year of Email Marketing Content in 3 Days + Free Templates

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level + get 12 FREE email templates?

Join the challenge and get:

  • a webinar walk-through to get you started (wait ’til you see how easy it is) 
  • an email marketing strategy that elevates your brand’s email personality and actually converts 
  • an entire year’s worth of email copy written and ready to share with your audience
  • 12 gorgeous email templates that make your brand stand out in the inbox
  • a system that makes sending emails as easy as pushing a button
  • support from an entire community to stay accountable

Join Now
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Everything You Need for Email Success

To help you stick to the challenge, we’re partnering with Flodeskthe email marketing experts, and a community of creative entrepreneurs for the #UPMYEMAILGAME Instagram Challenge. We’re holding each other accountable. Ready?

Step 1: Register NOW! We’ll send the challenge guide and a collection of gorgeous, professionally-designed email marketing templates to choose from—all straight to your inbox.

Step 2: Watch the kick-off webinar. (Find the replay link in your challenge guide.) We’ll share how email marketing became our highest converting channel, and how you can achieve this, too!

Step 3: Participate in challenge. Follow the #UpMyEmailGame Instagram challenge prompts in your guide to stay accountable, share your progress and get real time feedback from us and the community! We can’t wait to do this with you!

Meet Martha & Rebecca, Your Email Marketing Experts

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Have an email marketing question? Get answers from Martha Bitar and Rebecca Shostak, the co-founders of Flodesk. No question is too big or small. Just ask them here and get a response every Friday over on Instagram and the blog.