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Two FREE Time Management and Productivity Tools to Reclaim Your Time

Reclaim your time! — Congresswoman, Maxine Waters

To ensure you properly rest and recharge, you should ensure that the time you devote to your business is used effectively and wisely. As an entrepreneur you will often find yourself juggling multiple tasks from bookkeeping, social media marketing and being content curator for your website. 

Here are two FREE time management and productivity tools to assist you as you reclaim your time for resting and recharging:

1. TopTrackerThis desktop app is prefect for entrepreneurs and freelancers with multiple projects. You have the ability as an individual or assign teams to projects to visually capture your desktop screens as you work! Not a fan of Big Brother watching you? TopTracker has the functionality for you to enter in the time you worked on a project offline. As a user, you can generate productivity reports across projects and team members.

What is there to love about TopTracker? This desktop app will assist you with evaluating your project fees/rates based upon your time investment.

2. Asana: This is another desktop app designed to assist entrepreneurs and freelancers with task management across up to 15 team members for free. Through this app, you can create projects then assign tasks and deadlines for yourself and team members. 

You can capture important notes, conversations and files related to each task you create within the app. What is there to love about Asana? You will be able to see your progress and goals visually in a collabortative work space.

Reclaiming your time to rest and recharge is easier when you have the proper tools like TopTracker and Asana in place whether you’re a full-time or part-time entrepreneur! Consider using one of the free time management and productivity tools and let us know how that helped you and your team reclaim your time.

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