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This business consultant 4x her revenue with HoneyBook: here’s how

From burnout to a booming business, Jayna Butler finally found the key to staying organized and managing her business without janky systems. Learn how she uses HoneyBook to manage her multi six-figure consulting business. 

Jayna Butler

Running an independent business can pull you in a million different directions. Even if you have a team, you probably still take on some or all of these roles: sales representative, office administrator, bookkeeper, social media manager, and content writer. And that doesn’t even include the work you need to do for your clients. 

Especially if you manage everything on your own, it’s easy to get burnt out quickly. For Jayna Butler, she experienced this while managing her growing consulting business. While helping other business owners, she found it difficult to stay organized and juggle all of her work along with everything else in life. 

Luckily, by using HoneyBook, she was able to move more processes into one place, where she can book, onboard, and retain clients with less work than before. 

Explore Jayna’s process in HoneyBook:

About Jayna Butler and Elocin Consulting

With 10 years of experience in HR and management, Jayna Butler always knew that running her own business was her passion. 

But as we all know well, your personal life can have a big impact on your professional life. After going through a divorce in 2018, she moved from Texas to be closer to her family in Tennessee and took a contracted HR role at a bank. 

In this role, she gave herself six months maximum in the position before moving on. Exactly six months after she started, the COVID-19 pandemic shut her office down, and she was laid off. 

Though it was an uncertain time for everyone, it set Jayna’s plans in motion, and in July 2020, she opened up her current business: Elocin Consulting. She told herself “I’m not going back to 9-5,” and she meant it. After finding a mentor and business coach, she went for it and was able to grow her business. 

After building it from scratch, Elocin Consulting now provides consulting services to other female service providers focused on scaling their businesses. Jayna offers both 1:1 and group programs focused on developing leadership skills as well as messaging and content writing for brands.

Her challenge: Burnout from overwhelming, unorganized systems 

As Jayna started to build Elocin Consulting, she was using multiple platforms and didn’t have many set workflows or processes. “I had janky systems and I was all over the place,” she said. 

Though her business started booming fast, she didn’t have the resources or systems in place to handle it all on her own. Like anyone in her situation, burnout started to catch up to her quickly.

“I was unconsciously building a massive coaching business with not one personal goal attached to it.” Ultimately, her sales started growing faster than she could keep up with, and personal issues added on top of a difficult start to the business. After experiencing a lot of anxiety, she let go of all her clients, going from making $48,000 each month to $0 overnight.

“I let everything go, and I didn’t know what to do at the end of 2021. I lived in a hotel for 90 days,” she said. 

Unfortunately, Jayna’s story isn’t uncommon for independent business owners, but the overwhelming moments she experienced with her business are where HoneyBook can step in to provide organization, resources, and community. 

When you’re the only captain and passenger on your ship, it gets lonely and it gets very confusing. But my business is a legacy business, and it’s important for my daughter to see me establish something that will outlast me.

While she was taking the time to figure out what to do next, she got an invite to the HoneyBook Educator program. She had built an impressive following through her high-quality work and had started using HoneyBook already, she just needed the support to keep her processes sustainable. 

“I had no money, no systems, just skills,” she said. Joining the HoneyBook Educator program gave her the push she needed to get up and running again and continue building out her account. After restarting her business, she was able to reach her next $100,000 in just five months. “I have always told people that HoneyBook saved my business and even a dotted line up toward my life.”

Getting set up with HoneyBook

Before Jayna started using HoneyBook, she knew she needed something more cohesive. Before restarting her business, she had a list of systems that she either wasn’t using at all or would only sometimes use, so it was clear she needed more of an all-in-one platform. 

Once she found HoneyBook, it was easy for her to get set up by using the free file setup service along with the tutorials on YouTube. 

WIth her HoneyBook account, she was able to replace Acuity and Calendly for booking and scheduling, Hellosign for contracts, and for task management. 

Jayna’s clientflow inside HoneyBook: Booking, onboarding, and retaining clients 

With HoneyBook, Jayna streamlines her entire clientflow of working with clients who book her group consulting sessions called the Matriarch CEO Coaching Program. This is her signature program that consists of a 10-module course, weekly calls, and 1:1 Voxer sessions to provide women CEOs with the skills they need to lead their businesses. 

Gathering information from leads

Jayna receives most of her leads through Facebook messages, which come to her organically through word of mouth and referrals. Once someone reaches out to her to get more information, she directs them to a lead form where she asks about their business revenue, number of clients, budget expectations, business goals, and where they found Elocin Consulting. 

HoneyBook lead form example
Example of one of Jayna’s lead forms to capture new clients

Automating the booking process

After her prospective clients fill out her lead form, Jayna reviews their answers to see if the prospective client is a good fit for her services. If their responses align with her program’s outcome and scope, she then turns on a HoneyBook automation to send a proposal that includes the invoice and contract for her signature coaching program. Once the client signs and pays, they then receive an automated welcome email that introduces them to the program. 

HoneyBook automation example
Part of one of Jayna’s automation sequences in HoneyBook

With HoneyBook’s template files, Jayna is able to get creative while also providing all of the information clients need to book with her. Her clients compliment her on her professional files, plus she’s able to reduce the amount of questions she gets up front. 

I want to prevent any questions regarding my program and our process, and I’m able to do so by providing all of the information in my HoneyBook files.

Onboarding and client management 

Along with a welcome email, Jayna’s clients also receive an onboarding questionnaire to provide more details about their business, and they’re given the information they need to join her workshops. As they work through the program, her automation also sends out check-ins every two weeks, providing an excellent client experience with less work on her end. 

From a client management perspective, she enjoys being able to view what stage her clients are in at a glance using the pipeline. Plus, the notifications always keep her up to date when a new client books and moves forward. 

Client retention

Jayna’s clients in her group coaching program attend weekly 90-minute sessions for four months. Three weeks before offboarding, they receive an automated email to let them know their program is ending soon as well as offering a wrap-up call to discuss re-enrollment. 

Most of Jayna’s clients take advantage of the offboarding call, during which they’re able to discuss re-enrollment. If they move forward, Jayna will send an updated proposal, and if not, they receive a graduation certificate and an onboarding survey that she uses to collect their feedback. 

The result: Reaching six figures and saving hours each week

Since first starting to use HoneyBook, Jayna has been able to 4x her revenue and make over $120,000 annually. 

With HoneyBook, she attributes her success to saving time, becoming more organized, and taking a lot of manual work off of her plate. 

With HoneyBook I save 15-20 hours a week, so I can focus more on sales and intensive coaching for my clients.

As she looks forward to growing her business, she’s interested in selling more of her digital products with HoneyBook lead forms. Currently, she’s already selling a paid masterclass to qualified leads. She’ll also be diving more into HoneyBook’s bookkeeping features, like expense tracking and profit and loss management. 

Centralize your client management

Capture leads, sell services, manage projects, and nurture client relationships from one platform.  All that and more with HoneyBook.

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