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Internship Recap

If you follow the Rising Tide on Snapchat then you know how much fun the interns have-maybe a little too much fun. You may find it hard to believe but the interns actually got a lot of work done at their time here. They are going to tell you what it has been like interning here including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Maddie: I was the social media intern, so I was in charge of scheduling posts, creating content, and managing all social media accounts. I also helped with Snapchat initiatives, like writing the article on how to use Snapchat for business and creating video tutorials for different features of Snapchat.

Erin: As a Design intern, I mainly assisted Krista by helping to create a lot of the graphics for our social media channels. I also helped with educational content, uploading styled shoots, promoting events, designing shirts, and the list goes on.

Aside from all the pretty stuff you see, there’s a lot that happens that doesn’t go as smoothly as it may seem. We have a lot of good laughs (mostly at our ourselves). While we weren’t ‘working’ we spent a lot of time snapchatting, racing office chairs, growing succulents, and many other thrilling activities.

Some may say ‘our biggest fail’ as interns was the window decal…


As most of you know, we recently opened an office in Downtown, Annapolis. Prior to it being out headquarters, it was actually a furniture store. There is a window in the back of our office and the previous owners left us with a beautiful decal of their logo on the window, which we happily tore down because we were so excited to put our own up. We found a great deal online and ordered a frosted window decal with the RTS logo. Let’s just say this thing was poorly made and we asked for a refund.

Jokes aside, this internship was more educational and rewarding than we could’ve ever hoped for. Thank you to the RTS founders for giving us this opportunity and welcoming us into this amazing community.

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