How to Automate Your Business Without Losing the Personal Touch

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For anyone looking to scale, it’s important that you take a serious look at how to automate your business sooner, rather than later. When your repetitive processes are no longer manual, you’re more efficient and you’re able to devote your time to the tasks that will get you and your team the highest ROE — return on energy.

But… like many entrepreneurs who pride themselves on being a personable brand, you’re wondering how to automate without sounding and feeling robotic.

I’m here to tell you that it can be done! #PraiseHands

By getting strategic about how you set your automations up, you’ll be able to show off your brand personality while reaching more people AND saving time.

The following tips will show you how to automate your business through systems and workflows without losing the personal touch.

4 ways to keep your business automations personal

Get engaged with your social media audience

Have you ever noticed someone who posts consistently but never responds to captions and never seems to engage with anyone else’s content? Don’t be that brand!

Not only does it not help with any social media platform’s algorithm, it makes it seem like the brand doesn’t care to connect with the people who do engage with them. And connecting with your audience is kinda the point of social media marketing…

Now, I love using tools to automate my social media marketing. I’m able to create my content in batches and schedule the posts to publish at any time I choose. However, since engagement is key to the social media algorithms, I make sure to choose times I know I’ll be available to engage with my audience. You get the best of both worlds, and your audience does too.

Always personalize your automated emails

Most tools these days have custom or personalization fields that automatically fill in information like names, dates, etc. Make use of these to personalize automated emails, so they read as if they might have been written especially to them.

One of my favorite automated processes is one that creates an email in my Draft section for every lead that sets up a consultation with me. They automatically get an email confirmation from my online scheduler, but I like to send one from my inbox personally. This email draft has a little more information about the tool I use for video meetings and gives instructions on how to reschedule our call if need be (also automated with my online meeting scheduler).

Why is it saved to Drafts?

This allows me the chance to add in a personal note in case we have already spoken. If the new lead is a connection of mine, I may have already spoken to them about my meeting software, so I delete that part out or mention something we talked about. Others may get the draft as is. Since all my canned emails are written in my brand voice, no one can tell the difference. When I open my inbox and check out the Draft, I have the opportunity to tweak it or send it right away, meaning I connect quicker… and personally!

And speaking of writing my canned emails in my brand voice…

Use your brand voice in automations

To successfully automate your business without losing the personal touch, you’ll need to use your brand voice. Many tools (like HoneyBook) include templates, which save a lot of time. However, these should only be used as a base. By taking the time to tweak the copy, you’ll ensure brand consistency and your communications will sound more authentic. My brand is outgoing, fun, cheery so all our templates have been updated to sound that way.

Also, don’t be afraid to use gifs or emojis if that is consistent with your branding.

Use video to show off your personality

Another great way to automate your business and still show off your brand personality is to make use of video. If a picture says a thousand words, what result do you think watching you in action via video will have?

One of my favorite ways to use video is with new clients. I’m able to automate the sending of the welcome guide to clients during their onboarding process using my small business management platform. In it, they’ll find a welcome video that does just that – wishes them a warm welcome and walks them through their next steps. Although clients know this was pre-recorded, they enjoy watching the video just the same because it has that personal touch.

Another way to save time with automation using video is to screen record tutorials for both clients and team members. For clients, we have video tutorials for our project management tool so clients who are unfamiliar are able to get a crash course. Team members can find video tutorials in SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) so they can follow along without someone else (usually that’s you, right?) having to take the additional time to teach them. It’s a win/win – everyone is prepared and feels onboarded with efficiency and a personal touch.

The Bottom Line

By using the tips above while automating your business, you’ll get the benefits of being a more efficient business while still connecting with your leads on a human level. Have you been afraid to automate your business processes because you thought it would make you less personable?

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