The Start-Up Series: Amy & Jordan Demos

This week in our StartUp series, we’re highlighting a few of our Rising Tide Society Summit speakers, Amy & Jordan Demos. They’ll share who they are, how they got their start and their best advice for new business owners. We have some insanely talented people speaking next week and we know you’re going to learn so much from them!

We’re so excited to introduce you to Amy & Jordan Demos in today’s StartUp Series. A husband and wife team, Amy and Jordan run a thriving wedding photography business in Scottsdale, Arizona’s luxury market. As former elementary school teachers who went from nothing to six figures in their first year of being full-time, they have a unique perspective to help others get from where they are to where they want to be.

We love their advice for being intentional with what you’re sharing online. “We realized that every single time we were posting something on Facebook, Instagram, on Twitter…writing something on our blog, putting something on our website, we realized that those things are a series of impressions over time. And so whatever you’re putting out online and whatever we were putting out online, we had to be intentional about what we were trying to communicate.” 

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Krista Jones

Krista Jones is a fine art film photographer and Graphic Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in crafting unique brands that extend far beyond distinct typography and varying color palettes. Krista’s unique understanding of visual marketing, web design, and search engine optimization has enabled her to create dynamic identities that prosper both online and in the marketplace.