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Book valuable, qualified leads faster with new HoneyBook AI capabilities

The new HoneyBook AI features enable independent business owners to easily identify high-value prospects and reply instantly using personalized AI-generated responses. These capabilities make it possible to prioritize valuable leads and increase your revenue by converting more clients.  

New HoneyBook AI features within the mobile app

Not every lead is going to convert into a client—it’s the nature of business. That’s why it’s so important to have a process for evaluating and qualifying your leads

When you know which leads are most important to your business, you can confidently allocate your time to converting them into clients, versus wasting it on leads who aren’t as likely to book or move forward with a profitable project. 

HoneyBook has two new AI features that help you do just that. With our new priority lead notifications, you can more easily identify high-value leads who are likely to book, have a high budget, or both. Armed with this insight you can then determine the best way to engage with these leads so they become new clients. 

And what better way to start a great client relationship than with an instant, personalized response to their inquiry? That’s where the new AI composer comes in. This feature instantly generates custom responses for new leads that you can send with the push of a button from the mobile app. 

When used together, these AI features will allow independent business owners to quickly identify high-value leads and respond professionally in record time. Learn more about how the new HoneyBook AI capabilities can help you save time and maximize your revenue. 


Get valuable notifications about new leads

By combining historic booking data with the information submitted by a new lead through your HoneyBook contact form, the priority lead notification feature will identify the most valuable leads for your business. Once our AI model has analyzed the lead, you’ll receive a “Priority Lead” push notification on your phone via the HoneyBook mobile app. There are three different types of priority leads:  

  • More likely to book – This lead has provided information that indicates they’re ready to book with you. 
  • More likely to be high value – This lead has a high budget, so booking with them can impact your revenue. 
  • More likely to book a high-value project – This lead has a high budget and they’re likely ready to book with you, making them a great opportunity to convert into a client. 

Remember that if you have push notifications turned on in the HoneyBook mobile app (which we highly recommend), you will always receive a notification when a new lead has inquired. The difference is that we’ll now specify if the lead should be prioritized based on the criteria mentioned above.  

AI-generated priority lead notification from HoneyBook

In some cases, when there’s enough data available, priority lead notifications will also include the lead’s referral status and estimated budget. This is important because people are four times more likely to buy when they’re referred to a business by a friend. Plus, knowing the estimated budget upfront can help you determine how best to engage with this lead in your sales process

In order to receive priority lead notifications, you must be using the HoneyBook contact form to capture leads. You can embed the contact form on your website or share the link via email, social media, and other platforms. The information a prospective client submits through your contact form is essential to assessing whether their inquiry should be prioritized. If the lead is deemed valuable, you will receive a push notification via the HoneyBook mobile app. 

Download the HoneyBook mobile app

Manage your business from anywhere and leverage HoneyBook’s AI capabilities.

Prioritize more qualified leads

Priority lead notifications score incoming leads and signal when you have sales-qualified leads in your pipeline—all without any extra work on your end. This insight can help you make informed decisions on how to treat this inquiry. You can feel good knowing that whatever steps you take next to encourage conversion will be more likely to pay off. Priority leads are 30% more likely to turn into a booked client and are 2X more profitable on average than standard leads.* 

Just keep in mind that the faster you respond, the greater chance you have of booking them as a new project or client. In fact, our research on client expectations revealed that 86% of clients book the business that gets back to them first, proving just how critical response time is to business success.  

Priority leads are 30% more likely to turn into a booked client and are 2X more profitable on average than standard leads.*

Once you know you have a high-quality lead in your pipeline, you can move them forward more quickly by sharing your meeting scheduler, pricing guide, or booking file (depending on your process).  

HoneyBook’s priority lead notifications improve response time by 20%, and according to a recent survey, a one-minute response time can lead to 391% more conversions

Respond faster with the AI composer to increase your conversion rate and revenue

Speed is of the essence when it comes to new leads because it’s highly likely they have also inquired with other businesses. The business that responds first with the most helpful information is more likely to convert. 

The new HoneyBook AI composer can help you get there first. For every new lead, the AI composer will instantly generate a personalized response. Using the information your inquiries provide via the HoneyBook contact form, along with your business name and type, the AI composer will offer a unique message you can immediately send to each new lead. 

Simply review the suggested response, make any desired edits, and send. You can also ensure the AI-generated responses mimic your unique brand voice by selecting the best tone for your message, whether it’s more friendly, confident, natural, or other.

You can use the AI composer on desktop as well as easily from the HoneyBook mobile app so you’re never missing a high-value lead even when on the go. If you’d rather write a response of your own, you can easily close the feature and compose a reply manually. 

By qualifying valuable leads and reducing response time, priority lead notifications and the AI composer are HoneyBook AI capabilities that can help you win more clients, more quickly. With less effort on your end, these actions can increase your business’s revenue potential. 

If you prefer writing a manual response to new leads, you can still save time with automation. Using HoneyBook automations, trigger an email template to send as soon as someone fills out your contact form. Be sure to follow best practices when composing this response including thanking them for their inquiry, assuring them you’ve received their interest, and setting expectations for when they will hear back from you (we recommend no more than 24 hours).  

Explore HoneyBook’s AI capabilities

HoneyBook AI features enable you to work smarter throughout your entire clientflow, starting with lead capture and qualification.

Getting started with HoneyBook AI features

Both of the new HoneyBook AI features rely on data collected via the HoneyBook contact form. To get the benefits of these powerful tools, ensure you have integrated the contact form to capture leads. 

Please note, to use the priority leads feature you must have received at least 20 inquiries through HoneyBook. The AI model requires this volume of data to provide accurate notifications. 

Both priority lead notifications and the AI composer are also features of the HoneyBook mobile app. Be sure you have the app downloaded and push notifications turned on so you can put these tools to use.

Using AI to supercharge your clientflow

AI can significantly improve the way independent businesses operate. From task management to strategy and creativity, this rapidly developing technology has the potential to unlock new opportunities and accelerate growth. 

Many of you are already uncovering the impact AI can have on your business. According to a recent HoneyBook survey, 60% of independent business owners are currently using AI tools multiple times a week. 

HoneyBook is committed to empowering independent business owners with AI to supercharge their clientflow—the complete process of selling and delivering services to clients. These new features are just the beginning of our AI exploration and we look forward to sharing updates with you in time. 

Coming soon, HoneyBook AI capabilities will make it easier for new members to get started on the platform and import their brand identity. With little effort on your part, you’ll be able to create a cohesive, professional client experience at every touch point. 

We’re always looking for the best way to bring value to independent businesses and improve their clientflow. AI offers new possibilities and we’re excited to harness this technology so you can count on less friction, better client relationships, and greater business impact. 

Use HoneyBook AI to save time and win new business

Start using smarter solutions to respond quickly to inquiries and convert leads to clients.

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* Priority leads have a 30% increased chance of getting booked, and are 2x more profitable versus a standard lead. During a test vs. control experiment, priority leads improved response times by 20%. Studies were conducted in 2023.

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