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How to Start Filming Videos for Your Business

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Having a human element to your business, and showing who’s running it behind the scenes, is crucial in attracting new clients. After all, nobody wants to work with a stranger!

Whether you’re an on or offline business, video marketing provides the perfect avenue to connect and create a relationship with potential clients. They’re more willing to work with you if they can see your personality on screen, hear your voice, and see how you’re communicating with them. There’s this big fear around getting started with video marketing.

Here’s the thing: It’s less about you and more about the value you’re offering your ideal clients.

Here’s how you can start filming videos for your business in 2019:

Look at your frequently asked questions

In order to attract your target client, look at the topics that are being searched around your business with low competition. By creating videos around searched topics and things clients are looking for, you’re giving them the answer and solution they’re looking for. Research commonly searched topics in Google and know you’re going to get views on a video before you even hit record.

Start with filming tutorials and frequently asked questions that you run into with each client. Send the video links out to your current clients so they know you have a video library of resources waiting for them. If you have a blog, create videos for your top organic blog posts and add them to it. It will boost those posts even more in their Google search ranking.

Write your Script

Have your main points written out before you start filming and set it up for a high retention rate. Start with a quick introduction on who you are and mention your credibility. Tease the outcome of the video at the beginning so the viewer knows what they’ll learn by watching this video. You don’t have to read directly off of a script. Just make sure you have an idea of what message you want to bring across.

Then, get into the meat of your content by sharing a step-by-step process or easy to follow narrative.

End the video with a call to action, whether that’s for them to sign up for a free email opt-in or to share the video with a friend.

Ideally you want to have two call to actions: One engagement and one conversion.

Both are important in converting the viewer into a potential client and building the know-like-trust factor.

Use what you have, do what you can

When you’re starting out filming videos, don’t get hung up on expensive equipment or having a professional studio setup. Find a spot in your office (or home) that doesn’t have a busy background. If possible, sit in front of a window, using natural light.

Your main focus should be the value you’re providing in the video. If you’re filming on a smartphone, position it horizontally and sit closer to the phone for the microphone to pick up your voice. Use books or other props to position the phone in front of you.

Keep it simple in the editing process

Use a free editing software, such as iMovie. You can just drop the clips into your timeline in sequential order.

When it comes to editing, cut the fat and keep it simple. You don’t need to insert fancy transitions or effects. Just make sure you put the valuable information out there and brand your video with a graphic or logo at the beginning. When it comes to video length, the shorter the better. Edit it down to the most efficient and entertaining form so the viewer doesn’t get bored.

Drive your social traffic in the first 24 hours

Once the video is live, post and share the video link on all your social media accounts to get as much engagement as you can in the first 24 hours. The more traction your video gets in the first full day, the higher it will rank within the platform that you’ve uploaded it on.

As with most social media algorithms, the more you upload and contribute to a platform, the more it will get pushed in front of current and new clients. Start small with a video once a week, or film several that you can refer clients to as part of your online resources.

Want to learn more about getting started with video marketing and transforming your business leads? Get our Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing here.

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