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The best investment you’ll make in your business

Ready to level up your business this year? Investing in the complete suite of HoneyBook business tools can help you cut overall expenses and save time! Learn how to power your business and see more returns.

business investment

Someone wise once said, “To make money, you gotta spend money.” And it’s true. But leveling up your business game means working smarter by investing in the right tools and resources. 

Think about how much more work you could get done with the time you saved. Or how many clients you could book by getting so organized that you could respond immediately—even while sipping your morning coffee in your bathrobe. That’s the power of making the right investment. 

By using a comprehensive client management software for small businesses like HoneyBook, you can stop switching between multiple spreadsheets and apps. Nearly all of your client communication, organization and project tracking can stay in one system. Even before you do the math, just imagine how much you’ll save by swapping all your software subscriptions for one.

Flexible pricing to fit your needs

You’re probably wondering how much you’ll really save if HoneyBook can do it all. We know businesses need help at every stage, so we designed our pricing plans to fit your needs. 

You can get started with HoneyBook for just $16 per month (billed annually) for access to all features and no limits on transactions or team members. 

Let’s do some quick math. Does your current suite of tools look something like this?

  • Acuity for scheduling – $15/month
  • Docusign for contracts – $25/month
  • Notiv for note taking – $19/month
  • Active Campaign for email marketing – $9/month
  • SurveyMonkey for questionnaires – $25/month

That’s already $93 per month, coming out to $1,116 per year! Investing in a HoneyBook plan could save you at least $700, not to mention the results you’ll see when you’re able to book more projects.

By organizing and managing everything for your business in one place, HoneyBook can replace all your systems and tools so you can live your best bathrobe life ASAP.

What kinds of systems and tools? Glad you asked.

We’ve got a feature for that

Combinations can be good (like on pizza), but using lots of tools to manage your business can be cumbersome. You’re constantly switching between systems, trying to find this piece of info here or that date you need over there. We cut that all out by giving you everything you need in one place.

If you’re using one of the tools or systems below, we’ve got a feature for that—and it’s all included in one place, for one price.

If you’re using…To…Get this included with HoneyBook Instead

Excel or Google Sheets
Keep track of projectsPipeline—Know where every project stands at a glance with the project pipeline so you can quickly decide who to follow up with, whether that’s an inquiry that needs a follow-up email or a client who needs online invoices

Calendly or Acuity
Schedule meetingsOnline Meeting Scheduler—With the HoneyBook scheduling tool, simply set your availability and share your link so clients can find a time that works.

Gmail/DropBox/Google Drive/Notes app
Communicate on project details with your clients and teamWorkspace—Keep everyone on the same page and reduce back-and-forth with your clients and team members with a shared online workspace.

Sign contractsOnline Contract—Protect your business with customizable legal contracts that clients can sign online, wherever they are.

Get paidInvoices (Online Payment Software)—Get paid fast with customizable invoice templates with read receipts, integrated payments and automated reminders.

Field and manage inquiriesContact Form—The contact form is a widget that can be customized and embedded on your company website (or sent out via a Direct Link, with no embedding necessary), allowing you to capture client information in HoneyBook and quickly reply to inquiries with automated, branded, follow-up messages or questionnaires. You can also use our Chrome Extension to bring all your email inquiries into HoneyBook and manage everything in one place. 

Canva/Google Docs
Create marketing materialsBrochures—Create beautifully designed, customizable brochures to promote your company, build your brand and convince potential clients to hire you.

A personal or virtual assistant
Respond to emailsClient Workflow Automation Software—Automate the parts of your business where you don’t want to get involved, while keeping control where you want, with workflows. They automate tasks in your project’s lifecycle and automatically send out emails, brochures or questionnaires at the cadence of your choice—so you don’t have to. 

You’re one investment away from making business easier.

Stop constantly switching tools to get what you need done in your business. Go all-in-one with the HoneyBook pricing plan that fits your budget and get:

  • Organized with everything all in one place
  • The ability to create an exceptional client experience
  • A streamlined system that will save you time
  • Professional templates to WOW your clients
  • More time for the fun stuff (whether that’s honing your craft, growing your business or spending time with family)

We know any business investment takes time to evaluate, which is why we also offer a 7-day free trial. See how HoneyBook’s tools compare to your current suite and speak with our concierge support team to get one-on-one help.

HoneyBook, the best crm for solopreneurs, streamlines everything you need to manage your business into one place. Manage projects, book clients, send an online invoice and get paid through our online payment software. Now peace of mind comes with just one login.

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