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3 reasons why you should use HoneyBook for payment processing

HoneyBook payment processing makes it easier for your clients to pay, ensures you’re paid on time, and enables you to provide a professional client experience. 

Getting paid should be the most seamless part of your client experience, so finding a great system is crucial. You need one that’s easy to set up, secure, and professional– that’s where HoneyBook comes in. 

Since the platform offers an all-in-one business solution, it can combine your payment processing with much more too, including automation, booking files, scheduling, and more. 

HoneyBook Pro Kristi DaSilva helps business owners streamline their systems and processes and translate them into HoneyBook for greater efficiency. She’s seen firsthand how HoneyBook’s payment processing offers a win-win solution for businesses and clients, including getting paid faster and offering a better client experience. 

These are her top-three reasons for using HoneyBook as your ultimate go-to solution for payments! 

1. It’s easier for your client to pay

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes for a moment. Would you want to search for your checkbook, remember how to write a check properly, then remember to drop it off in the mailbox? Checks just aren’t a part of our day-to-day lives anymore. 

HoneyBook makes the payment process easier for your clients by providing multiple options that fit with their preferred payment methods (or yours!), all through our online payment software. If they do want to use a check, you can always mark it as paid in your account once you receive it. But you’ll also be able to accept ACH and credit card payments, making everyone’s lives a little easier. 

HoneyBook also makes the payment process more intuitive. Your client can sign your contract, review the invoice, and pay in one single step rather than three separate ones. By combining everything, your clients are clear on expectations and next steps right before the project kicks off. 

One 2024 trend is increasing [business] sustainability and automating tasks that don’t require focused attention.

– Catherine Perez, Founder and Principal Designer at Peacock & Dahlia Interiors

2. You’ll get paid consistently and on time

HoneyBook makes it easier for clients to pay, which means it also makes it easier for you to get paid. You can set up recurring payments and auto-pay so you and your clients don’t have to worry about the next invoice. 

You won’t need to think about the payment reminder, and they won’t have to think about when the next payment is due; it’s all automated. This helps you maintain a positive cash flow since you’ll have better visibility into upcoming payments. 

When clients are ready to book, it only takes minutes for clients to pay you. Build a booking file in HoneyBook that contains everything they need–contract, invoice, project scope, next steps, and more. The platform allows you to customize files and connect steps to you can create your unique booking process no matter what it includes. Build it, brand it, and accept payments fast. 

3. You can offer a better client experience

When your clients pay quickly and securely, they’ll feel more confident in your business. Especially since you’re able to combine multiple steps in one, you can use fewer tools, which makes the experience more streamlined. No more bouncing between different platforms and logins to complete a booking. You’ll save time in the back end while the entire process is easy and enjoyable for your clients as well. 

You’ll book more clients with less work, and the organization and ease of working together will be apparent from the start. 

You can stop spending extra time and energy worrying about getting paid for your work, and your clients won’t worry about how to pay or where their money is going. With a fully branded experience that includes payment reminders and payment confirmations, you’re offering a professional experience from start to finish. 

Don’t forget the benefits that you’ll reap as well. Instead of having to chase down payments and constantly nudge clients, HoneyBook sends reminders for you. You can remove any potential awkwardness from your business transactions, which offers relief for both you and your clients. 

How to get started with HoneyBook payment processing

It’s simple to get set up for HoneyBook payment processing. Just follow these steps inside your HoneyBook account:

  1. Add your bank account – Navigate to your Company Settings and Bank Details inside your HoneyBook account, then connect your details as an individual, sole proprietor, or LLC-Partnership-Corp. HoneyBook will transfer all your payments to the bank account you connect. 
  2. Build your booking files – Create the booking files that you’ll use to collect payments from your clients. Inside HoneyBook, you can create a simple online invoice or all-in-one booking files that combine multiple steps. It’s all up to you and your current payment process.
  3. Get paid – Send your files and accept payments from your clients! When you send any file that includes an invoice, your clients will be able to view their charges and payment schedule and choose to pay immediately online via credit card or bank transfer. 
  4. Track your payment status – HoneyBook’s processing times are different for credit card transfers and ACH bank transfers, but we also offer instant deposits for a small fee. You can view all your payment statuses inside the Payments tab in your account. 

When you combine HoneyBook payment processing with other powerful features, you can save time, improve your client experience, and focus on growing your business. From booking and payment and beyond, HoneyBook offers everything you need to manage your clientflow. 

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