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Boom: We launched something big.

Last week, thousands of you flooded into our brand new Creative Community platform throughout the launch. 

What is the Creative Community?

A platform to find & connect with creative entrepreneurs in your local area and beyond. Discover amazing professionals to work with on your next project, search for creatives when you’re on the road, and share opportunities in real time. Get a peak into the behind the scene of the launch Here.

  •  Directory: Search 50K+ creatives by industry type with the ability to filter by location
  •  Connect with and invite other professionals
  • Be at the epicenter of creative collaborations + opportunities like: styled shoots, workshops, referrals, and more
  • Showcase your projects & collaboration and easily share your portfolio of work

Why did we create it?

HoneyBook has always had a mission to help creatives build their businesses and last year after partnering with The Rising Tide Society we realized that there was a need for a better way for creatives to truly connect with one another and share opportunities. The creative industry is made up of so much amazing talent and sometimes they just need help finding one another. We realized that there was no need for just another social platform, but for a professional platform that makes connecting these opportunities possible without having to scour the internet and make several posts just hoping that it is not taken down or that the person who is a fit for your need actually sees the post.

Maura Feeney, member of The Creative Community, on why she loves the new platform

Who is it for?

The community has been built with creative entrepreneurs in mind. For those who run a small business and are looking to connect with other either in their industry or other industries. The target audience includes everything from the hobbyist looking to uplevel their creative business to the seasoned professional desiring to showcase their work through projects, connect with professionals around the world, and more.

The Creative Community is for the hustling creative entrepreneur interested in building a business that is not just about money, but also about relationships. The Community user knows that hard work, relationships, and opportunities through those connections are the base of growth in business.

Sarah Berndt, member of The Creative Community, on loving using the community to reach fellow creativesHow much does it cost?


But do I have to use HoneyBook CRM/ Workflow tools?

Absolutely not. While this community is a product of HoneyBook, it has been built as a free platform to bring creatives across the world together. We understand that everyone has a system that works best for them to manage their business and we celebrate that.

You can decide to be a part of The Community only and never use the CRM tools and you will receive the same amazing features of The Community regardless. Should you decide to use the CRM tools then you will have the benefit of managing all of your creative connections alongside your client workflows.

How can you sign-up?

We are so happy that you asked! You can claim your profile and start connecting on the community right now by going to


You can download the app here:

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