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How 6 Different Creatives Enhance Their Clients’ Experiences

Photo by: Brigitte Tohm

A positive client experience is about more than just keeping your clients happy—it’s also a great way to increase brand awareness, boost client referrals, and gain positive online reviews. After all, if your service is worth talking about, your clients will want to share that with their friends and family. Special gifts and gestures can speak volumes to your client, even those that cost minimal resources.

Read on to see how some successful creatives go above and beyond for the clients:

Start off on the right foot

Nothing says “let’s get started” like a welcome kit. “Since we don’t have the opportunity to meet a majority of our clients in person, we developed our welcome kit to give our clients the opportunity to review tangible items”, explains Kristy Rice of Momental Designs. “Each kit is curated specifically for that couple, including samples of completed stationery suites, paper swatches, envelope options, print samples, and other helpful information. When working remotely with clients, having something tangible to give often fosters more confidence in choosing you as a vendor. Start small and simple to see how you can help inspire your clients!”

Use local inspiration

Take pride in your area and share the local flavor with your clients. “When a client signs their contract, we give them a congratulatory gift basket full of iconic Livermore items—locally-produced olive oil, wine, soap, and tea”, shares Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services. “We focus on locally-sourced items since Livermore is becoming a bit of a destination spot and most of our clients are from out of town. Ask yourself: What is it about your services and/or market that sets you apart? Focus on that and give them something that represents you and your region!”

Foster strong communication

Good communication is invaluable, and keeping lines open with clients makes them feel special and appreciated. “We make sure we communicate with our clients bi-weekly throughout the whole process, from booking until they receive the final product”, says Keith Phillips of Classic Photographers. “We use instructional videos, text messages, calls, and emails—people love to be communicated with in different and more efficient ways.”

Throw in something special

Sprinkling a few surprises throughout the client experience can make all the difference between a good review and a glowing review. “We love to see the joy on a client’s face when we add something special to their event that wasn’t in the agreement”, says Meryl Snow of Feastivities Events. “It could be something as simple as adding floral ice cubes to the bar, placing a centerpiece on their piano, or a new hors d’oeuvre created by the culinary team. We are constantly coming up with innovative ideas during our brainstorming sessions, and it’s a great place to showcase a new item.”

Show that you’re there for them

Going above and beyond expectations tells your client that they are worth the extra effort. “Keep in mind that your relationship with your clients is built on trust”, says Paulette Alkire of Chalet View Lodge. “Finding ways that convey that you are there for your clients on a personal level gets you and your business major kudos. I try to stay flexible with my time, having meetings late at night once my clients have gotten off work. I also try to remember birthdays, favorite foods, and bring treats for their pups when they bring them on site to visit. Trust begins with listening.”

Create a five-star experience

The client experience starts from the moment a prospect walks in the door, so always be prepared to wow a new lead. “When clients come to our showroom, we always offer them coffee or water, served on an Atlas coaster”, shares Heather Rouffle of Atlas Event Rental. “We also give out goody bags of swag to our corporate clients when they come to the showroom. Throughout the year, our sales team brings gifts and cookies/cakes to sales meetings. We also host lunches in our showroom for clients as a way to network and show new products. It’s all about making them feel special.”


Although every business model is unique, client experience is something every company should prioritize. Happy clients aren’t just the key to a positive reputation and more referrals—seeing a client’s eyes light up when you exceed expectations is a powerful reminder of why you started your business in the first place.

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