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How one Photography Workshop Brought “Community Over Competition” to Life

When I decided to join the Rising Tide Society, I was optimistic but skeptical. Small businesses, in the same industry, helping each other? Unheard of. And they are voluntarily doing this? Unbelievable.

Except it was real. A positive, encouraging reality that was joyful and supportive to all creatives. So I started making the commute. Once a month, a few creatives and I would sit in 5 o’clock traffic and make the drive from San Marcos to Austin to celebrate our businesses, network, and meet other small business owners. But after attending the Austin Tuesdays Together group for a little over a year, we decided life was too busy for a long drive to the big city—even for such an amazing community.

Insert brilliant idea—we decided that our little town needed its own creative business support. There were creatives coming out of the local college, and even more small businesses popping up all over town. That’s when the San Marcos RTS chapter was born. Our first meeting was January 2017 with over 50 business owners in attendance! Since then, we’ve been working to grow a supportive community centered around education, giving back, and fun outings.

One way we did that was by partnering with other Tuesdays Together chapters and their vendors to put on a free photography workshop. Our goal was to promote the group to other local creatives, bring the community of vendors together, and educate photographers on how to shoot different aspects of a styled shoot. The amazing Breanna taught us how to style flat lays and photograph details to take a gallery to the next level. April, co-owner of 2Tarts, styled her desserts and spoke about photographing their products, what they look for in styled shoots, and what makes them partner with photographers. Kayli, co-leader of the San Marcos chapter, provided florals and explained her process to all the attendees. Lastly, Morgan, our phenomenal coordinator, helped bring everyone together and execute a beautiful workshop.

Gathering photographers, sharing the RTS mission, and meeting new people made for an inspiring event that kick-started our group! No funds were exchanged, no trades were made, and vendors collaborated to help educate new photographers and bring the community together.

Participating Vendors:

Photographer and Instructor: Breanna Mckendrick Photography:


Behind the Scenes Photos: Mikenzie Ryan, Mikenzie Ryan of France Photographers


Venue: Cypress Falls Event Center


Baked Goods: April, Two Tarts


Florist: Kayli Head, The Bloom Bar


Planner: Morgan Frankie, Frankie & Leneé Weddings


Videographer: Adrian Evans, Pine & Blossom


Hair & Makeup: Sofia, Hair & Makeup by Sofia


Dress Maker: Shelbi, Moonlight Moss


Invitation Suite: Nicolette Selman, Lazy Wood Lane


Dream Catchers: DayCrafter


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