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Sales Calls are Nothing to Fear

I used to be terrified of selling. On calls, I would sit there with my hands shaking and my face flushed bright red, and occasionally dissolve into tears of hysteria afterwards. (Yes, this actually happened.) I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make people throw money at me. . . but since I can’t, I learned to master these terrifying calls instead.

Sales calls, clarity calls, discovery calls—whatever you want to call them, if you’re working in a service-based business (or a product-based business with retail clients), they’re part of your life.

And guess what? You don’t have to pressure people or “pitch” them blindly. It can just be a smooth, comfortable, and—dare I say it?—fun process for you both.  

Watch my video below to learn the six parts of a great sales conversation, including my secret weapon and my follow-up process. The main message? Sales is not as difficult as mastering levitation, and the magic happens when you turn it into a conversation. The other person wants to know more about what you do, and your goal is to understand what they want and need (not the same thing), and if you are the right fit for them.

With these tips, you can start to get more clients and close more sales. . . all without feeling like a sleazeball (I promise).

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