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Take Action on Your Intentions

We’re all creatives here! We can create something amazing at the drop of a hat! It doesn’t take much for us to dream up a new plan. I mean isn’t that what January was created for? But it’s not January anymore.

Somehow that perfectly planned business goal document is still in your computer with empty checkboxes. You have the goal, you even picked the word focus – but you can’t seem to figure out how to execute it.

Or maybe you wrote the plan, started making forward momentum, had an awesome month, and now you’re back at square one feeling like you didn’t actually get anywhere.

You might also be ticking things off your list, doing your best to follow through with your plans, and then something new and even more creative came to mind and you got derailed.

Who can relate?

Everyone can! That’s what makes us real people who own living businesses. But here’s the problem with inaction. The second you stop doing you also stop earning.

The longer you’re not taking action; the more money you lose!

Action is literally the engine of your business. Failing to act on your plans, regardless of how amazing they are, can ultimately be your greatest downfall.

So let’s discuss ways for tackling those actions so that you can begin to see forward progress and measurable revenue.

You might have even already ordered your list based on what you’d like to get done first. But I’d like to propose a different method for prioritizing your goals.

Have you ever seen the “junk house” shows where they sort items into the keep, sell, or toss piles? Well let’s look at your list in this fashion. Sort the goals that will make you the most revenue in the fastest possible time into the keep pile. From there, sort the next level of goals that can be easily handled by another member of the team or outsourced into the sell pile. Then look through the list for non-revenue generating goals. These can often be harder to identify but it might be that 5th stylized shoot you’re planning, or the blog every single day notion. Move these into the toss pile for now.

Understand? By doing that you easily sorted goals into categories and prioritized what you should be taking action on first.

Find A Team:
Now you’d think I’d tell you to move onto the highest revenue generating items now, right? But I’m not! Because typically those tasks are going to be the most intuitive, time consuming, and will require your hands.

By concentrating now on finding a support team you can then remove items from your goals that can be handled by a wedding business architect, your internal team, or a consultant.

You’ll need to spend some time getting your team on board with all of your goals. Then break down those specific goals into actions with your team.

When you have the support of your team for actions that can easily be handled by someone else you’ll begin to have more time for the projects that will generate the most revenue.

Get Down To It:
Now onto the big goals. You likely have a few large goals in your keep pile. Each of these large goals will have several steps of action or decisions that will need to take place. Take one goal at a time and create an action recipe.

  1. Tools or Ingredients- Write down what tools you need to get the job done. Do you have the tools or do you need to obtain them? What products or innovations do you need to complete the task. Do you have all of the ingredients needed to complete the task? Concentrate first on gathering the tools you need to get the job done.

  2. Instructions- Break down the steps you’ll take in order to complete the main objective. List even the smallest, most detailed tasks in the order that you’ll need to complete them.

  3. Set the timer- Add specific dates and workflow to the plan so that each step of your large goal instructions will be completed on a pre-set schedule. Giving yourself deadlines for completion allows for accountability and pushes you to keep moving towards the overall goal.

Remember doing something is always better than doing nothing! Achieve those intentions through daily progress and action planning. Use the resources available to you by adding to your team! Toss out or store tasks that don’t produce immediate revenue. And create a recipe for completing those big goals through step by step actions with specific deadlines.

By doing this, you’ll easily turn your intentions into actions!

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