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Automate your booking process with these HoneyBook updates

Learn how to automate your booking process, communicate with clients, and work more efficiently with these HoneyBook updates.

HoneyBook product update with automated bookable files

Save time, stay organized, and put your best foot forward. You can absolutely do it all, especially with our latest HoneyBook updates. 

Automate more of your clientflow, including your booking process. With templates specific to your industry, it’s easy to get started with HoneyBook’s interactive, customizable booking files. 

We’ve also released more updates to the way you communicate with clients and work on the go through our mobile app. Learn more about the different ways you can get your vital project work done and continue moving clients forward in your clientflow.

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Automate your booking process

HoneyBook aims to improve your clientflow in many ways: additional customizations, combined actions within one file, and automating as many steps as your ideal clientflow allows. 

Particularly with HoneyBook smart files, you can go above and beyond a standard PDF. They allow you to improve your clientflow by allowing for combined actions, customization, and automation. 

Now, you can include any bookable file in your HoneyBook automations to move clients to the next step of your clientflow without your oversight. 

If you offer services that are suitable for instant booking, for example, your clients can receive a booking file as soon as they fill out your contact form. As always, your automations are customizable so they can suit your specific needs. 

Explore some of these journeys that you can set up with HoneyBook automations:

1. Offer a hands-off booking experience for service offerings that don’t require upfront collaboration or discovery 

When your client fills out a contact form, you can automatically send a file that contains service selection options, online contract, and invoice, so your client can choose their desired service, sign, and pay all at once!

3. Collect signatures up front

Allow your clients to fill out upfront disclosures or agreements directly after filling out a contact form.

HoneyBook smart files user interface

3. Apply an automation to an ongoing project

Once your clients have selected their services and booked with you, there’s even more you can automate throughout the project. Say a client schedules a session with you and you want to make sure they’re prepared beforehand. Just automate an email with more details leading up to the appointment. You can also include a worksheet or questionnaire if you need to provide or collect more information. 

While these are examples of initial automated steps after an inquiry comes in, remember that you can also automate a file to send at any point in your process!

Leverage industry-specific templates

As a busy business owner, you don’t always have time to start from scratch. That’s why we’ve partnered with other independents like you to develop industry-specific templates that align with your specific needs. 

We are constantly researching, developing, and producing new file templates for as many scenarios and professionals as possible–check out some of the options we have available for life coaches, photographers, designers, and consultants. 

Services guide for life coaches

Services guide for life coaches

Family photography proposal

Pricing guide for creatives

Pricing guide for creatives

Proposals for business coaches and consultants

Maintain consistent communication with clients

Communications with your client are core to a smooth clientflow. Every time you message your client a project update, send a file, or schedule an automated email, it becomes part of the client experience. 

As an independent, these communications are key to representing your business and quality of service, which can make or break your services. That’s why we updated each instance of our email editor to offer one cohesive experience that offers the same ability to customize across the board. The editor now offers our most advanced capabilities, whether you’re sending a quick note with an invoice or messaging your clients directly in your HoneyBook inbox. 

There is no action you need to take for this update to make all of your email templates look and work better! 

Work more efficiently on the go

The HoneyBook mobile app provides an efficient way for you to work on the go, whether you need to send an online invoice to a new client, track your payments, or edit your files. Never let a client slip through the cracks when you can move them forward in your clientflow wherever you are. 

Schedule emails and files

You can now schedule the send of any file and/or email ahead of time from within the HoneyBook mobile app. Maybe you heard from your client yesterday, but are catching up, working late from bed, and don’t want them to know you’ve been burning the midnight oil–schedule the send for first thing in the morning so it’s fresh in their inbox. 

Keep your payments up to date 

On the desktop version of HoneyBook, you’ve always been able to update multiple payment actions. Now, you can take these actions wherever you are, directly from the mobile app. Mark invoices as paid, mark them as refunded (or undo either action), send a payment reminder to your client, and view your invoice receipts. These functions are available on any project within the HoneyBook app. 

Edit invoices on the go 

Had a client change their services last minute? No problem. Inside the HoneyBook mobile app, you can now easily edit any part of your smart file invoices while you’re on the go. 

Update your invoice headers, services, summary, and payment schedules. Make changes then send it off to your client for review and payment. 

Editing a HoneyBook smart files invoice

Add your bank account

There are so many reasons to process payments with HoneyBook’s clientflow management platform (like timely payments and providing the most elevated client experience), and now it’s easier than ever to get set up and start getting paid. 

If you’re on the go,  add or update your bank information in your HoneyBook account directly from the mobile app. Of course, if you’ve already completed this step in setting up your account, there’s no need to do it again!

Update your schedule and calendar with ease

Did you know you can easily book sessions with clients directly in HoneyBook? The scheduler tool integrates directly with your calendar, whether you’re using Google, Apple iCal, or Outlook. Keep your availability updated and configure different types of sessions depending on your business needs (client meetings, photo sessions, consultations, and more). 

There are multiple ways to share your sessions with clients, like via a direct link or embedding them on your website. Streamlining this step in your clientflow can save hours per project of back-and-forth communication, and it removes the risk of miscommunication or human error when trying to schedule a consultation with a client. 

Now, you also have the ability to save time on the setup side when you configure sessions in your scheduler tool. You can simply duplicate a session you’ve already configured to your liking, and update one or two details. Maybe your availability is the same every week, but you want to offer 30- and 60-minute sessions. Instead of redoing every detail, simply duplicate, update, and publish. 

Get better insight into your team’s workload

One of the hardest parts of managing a business is managing a team. Even if you have the best team in the world, it can be difficult to stay on top of what everyone has on their plate, so you can make better decisions about assigning team members to new projects. 

In HoneyBook, you can easily view which of your team members are assigned to specific projects, and view your team members’ entire pipeline. This way, you’ll know exactly how many projects each team member is working on, as well the status of their projects. 

Take a look back at this year’s product updates

We’re excited to end this year strong with even more features to empower your clientflow, brand, team, and overall business processes. This year we prioritized some really big changes throughout the HoneyBook platform, all intended to make you and your business as successful as possible. 

In case you missed any new releases throughout the year, take a look back at some of the most requested product updates of 2022 in our Year in Review. Streamlining your processes, saving you time, and ultimately helping you grow your business were the name of the game. 

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