Time Management

October, 2019

Time Management

The to do list never ends. We all know that feeling. But often it’s not about having too much to do and too little time. It’s about setting priorities (and boundaries!), managing time, and boosting productivity. With that you’re able to do more of what you love… and perhaps even in less time.

So set your timer to 25 minutes and get to reading the guide without distractions… and then take a 5 minute break (hello, Pomodoro Technique!).

This month’s guide shares:

How to batch your work to capitalize on your creative flow
How managing time + maximizing productivity helps with stress-free launches
The importance of technology for your productivity

What's Inside

Val Duvick Productivity hacks can be a gamechanger in business. When you feel like you’re not making any progress on your to do list, it might be time to revamp your plans using these 6 tips. They are ones you keep putting off (hello procrastination), but now is the time to take charge of your time management. Read More Download Guide
Jodi GrahamThe ultimate entrepreneur’s time waster: multi-tasking. You may think you’re being productive, when in reality your brain is just constantly recalibrating every time to switch tasks. Enter batching. Jodi shares 4 steps toward batching your content so you can get in flow and get more done, faster. Read More Download Guide
Mac HughesWhile researching the latest tech tips may be the last thing on your to do list, Mac shares the importance and steps to investing your time and dollars wisely into technology that transforms your business. One of her key tips? Ask your industry peers. Their recommendations on the latest tech trends they love are worth their weight in gold. Read More Download Guide
Shaundra HowardHave a launch on the calendar? Thinking of offering a new service or product? Dreaming of the next step in your business? Then you know one thing: launches can bring some serious stress if you haven’t planned well. The key to launching with ease… managing your time wisely and using slow seasons to your advantage. Launch + Operations Manager, Shaundra, shares her best tips for stress-free (and successful) launches. Read More Download Guide
Brittany SturdivantFeeling like you don’t know what to say yes to and where to invest your valuable time and money when giving back? Have a heart for philanthropy, but often feel like you’re taken advantage of or spread so thin you can’t serve well? Brittany Sturdivant shares how to put your heart for philanthropy to good use by ensuring you’re giving back with joy, getting great exposure, and not just simply being exploited. Read More Download Guide
Kevin DennisThere are two main things you need to do to set your business up for success when you’re heading out-of-office for business travel. Kevin Dennis shares his best practices for maximizing your time and taking advantage of new opportunities, connecting with potential clients and friends, and getting the most value out of your travels. Read More Download Guide

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