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The AI in business podcast episode: How AI can help you grow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of not only our future but also how independent businesses are run. Dawn Richardson of Tech Savvy Creative takes us on a deep dive in this AI in business podcast to discuss what this means for independents. Dawn shares the big picture of AI and why you should be integrating AI into your business. She covers what beneficial tools are available to start implementing now.

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Technology advances: How to keep up and get your time back

Technology is evolving at a lightning-fast pace, and the more you can keep up as an independent business owner, the more you can leverage technology to benefit your business. Technology can give you the gift of time, a finite resource that you don’t often get back.

Forty-five minutes of lost time a day (doing tasks you can automate) will add up to over 400 days of your life at the end of your career. However, many independent business owners do not take advantage of new technologies because it feels overwhelming and out of their element. 

Time-saving technologies include:

  • Automation services to send invoices, create SOPs, and more
  • AI tools that aid in the brainstorming, research, and writing process

Dawn saw the hesitation and created a safe corner of the internet where business owners can learn how to adapt to new technologies called Tech Savvy Creative. Some creatives do not feel capable of understanding new technology, but it’s important to remember that humans are the ultimate knowledge base. All technology was born out of human invention, so business owners should feel empowered to utilize that invention instead of fearing it.

What is AI, and what isn’t AI?

AI is one of the more intimidating new technologies because most people do not actually understand it. To add to the confusion, the term has also become an overused buzzword that is often used incorrectly.

The definition of AI is a software technology that learns and adapts over time. It is not automation technology. There are several automation technologies that claim to be AI when they aren’t. Technology becomes AI when it starts taking in its surroundings and making decisions based on the environment. A Tesla self-driving car is the perfect example. 

A great example of AI versus automation within HoneyBook would be the tool’s ability to send out an automated email—that is not AI. It would become AI if HoneyBook technology could read an email, determine how to respond in the right tone of voice, and send the email all on its own.

Examples of easy automation hacks

While AI is the trending topic these days, there are simple automations you can set up to help you in your day-to-day that are less intimidating. Instead of typing out the same things over and over again or copying and pasting text from your notes app, you can create phone shortcuts that do the work for you. For example, on an Apple device, typing in OMW will autocorrect to “on my way.” Independent business owners can use shortcuts for their important links to eliminate time spent searching for a link. 

If you’re a HoneyBook user who needs a little support setting up these automations, check out our HoneyBook Pros site. You can connect with a Pro for guidance on using automation

More ways to utilize text shortcuts:

  • Branding hex colors
  • ID numbers
  • Hashtag groupings
  • Affiliate links

Let AI handle the mundane so you can focus on your creative genius

Since AI has become so accessible for individuals, this offers independent business owners an opportunity to use AI in business to streamline work. Here are a few tools to consider testing.

AI for content creation

Platforms that independent business owners already love, such as Canva, Chat GPT, and Notion now have AI built into them to help you generate content quickly and more easily. Another great platform is Jasper, which can auto-generate copy and even product descriptions for you by simply using a prompt. 

Voice-generating AI tools

Descript is a tool that can generate your voice for audio and video content. It allows you to pull transcripts from audio, but also over time, it learns your voice so that it can replace audio for you using your own voice. For example, if you listen back to a podcast episode you recorded and wish you were more clear on a topic, you can type it into Descript and the platform will generate it in your voice for you. 

Another platform is Prime Voice AI, which allows you to record an entire audiobook using their AI tool. Instead of spending hours recording it in a studio, this tool can do it for you in your voice or a prefabricated voice.

Video AI

BHuman is a video AI tool that can learn your face and create customized videos for you. For example, it can create welcome videos with new names and information. This is an emerging technology that will continue to develop and improve over time, but it’s exciting to see where AI video will go.  

Take your ideas to the next level with Chat GPT

Chat GPT reached 100 million monthly active users within two months. It took TikTok nine months and Instagram two years to hit that same goal. Every business owner should utilize Chat GPT for brainstorming ideas, product names, and blog topics. For example, you can ask it for 15 topic ideas for new reel content, and it will give them to you instantly. 

You can also use Chat GPT to brain-dump new content ideas. If you like to voice record ideas into your phone to Siri, you can go back later and paste your brain dump into Chat GPT and ask it to clean it up for you.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this tool is not to write complete blog posts for you. Programs like Chat GPT should be used as a jumping-off point, not a perfect copy-and-paste solution. They’re also good for repetitive tasks when taught using ChatGPT prompts.

Make meetings more efficient with Noty AI

Noty AI is a platform that records meetings and creates a full transcript. It can also turn the transcript into a meeting summary with action items and follow-up items. 

Reduce decision fatigue with Rationale AI

Wondering when you should launch your next project? You can use Rationale AI to find out. After you ask it a question, it will do a full analysis for you and present you with a pro-con list. As it learns, it will base its response on past experiences as well. 

The purpose of AI is not to replace humans

It’s natural to fear that AI will replace humans. There may be businesses that attempt to use AI to do that very thing, but they will quickly find that it is not the right solution. The best way to use AI is to free up your time so that you can focus on doing what you love and are best at doing. 

For example, Imagen AI is a photo editing software that creates a profile around a photographer’s editing style. Over time it learns how to edit in different scenarios and can edit full albums in minutes. However, photographers should still go through the album and make sure their creative genius is evident in the final product. They can also focus on ways to surprise and delight their clients rather than spending two weeks glued to a desktop editing photos one by one.

This type of technology allows business owners to take on more clients, deliver work quicker, and expand their offerings. 

The risk of ignoring AI

It’s important to note that using AI is optional as an independent business owner. No one is making you use it. However, even if you choose not to use it, it’s important to learn about it. Your community and your competition are likely going to adopt AI in business. You risk falling behind if you’re unwilling to engage with new technology. 

The biggest differentiator between the businesses that succeed and the ones that fail 

Dawn believes that mindset can make or break your business. If you have a doomsday approach around using technology for your business, it will be harder for you to succeed. On the other hand, if you approach it as a new opportunity to benefit and expand your business, you will be successful. 

Important sections of the conversation

  • [2:37] How independent business owners should think about technology
  • [4:11] How much time you’re losing by not using AI
  • [5:23] Why independent businesses struggle with new technology
  • [11:14] What is AI?
  • [14:46] Phone shortcuts
  • [19:36] AI tools to consider
  • [34:23] Consider the legalities
  • [37:40] Can AI replace humans?
  • [44:52] Risks of not learning AI
  • [48:16] Biggest differentiator for success

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