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Case study: This marketing consultant grew her revenue by 25% with HoneyBook lead forms

Learn how Hayley Evans uses HoneyBook lead forms to book valuable clients faster and with fewer touchpoints. With new lead forms, she was able to increase her revenue and create a better process for herself and her clients.

For marketing consultants and other independent businesses, long-term clients with recurring payments is the gold standard. These clients provide recurring revenue month over month and offer more stability than one-time projects. 

Because relationships are at the heart of any consulting business, a great client experience ensures that more clients want to hire you for repeat business. Booking these types of clients takes the right tools to demonstrate your value, personalize the experience, and encourage friction-free booking. 

For Hayley Evans, the right tool was HoneyBook lead forms. Robust yet easy to build without a developer, lead forms enable greater customization in your lead capture process. You can share lead forms in public channels to capture, qualify, and convert in one step. That means you can use them as a frictionless way to book new or repeat clients by sending them directly to the lead form.

By using lead forms, Hayley was able to book more long-term clients and do so with less friction and a better client experience. 

Hayley’s results with lead forms:


Increase in monthly recurring revenue


Conversion with new leads


Hours saved each month

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Meet Hayley Evans

Owner of Square One Marketing

Square One Agency

Hayley has owned and operated Square One Marketing for five years in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Through her business, she operates as a fractional CMO specializing in franchise marketing. She provides corporate entities with CMO services when they don’t have a full-time CMO on board. Her clients range from single-location companies to nationwide franchises. 

About two years ago, Hayley started using HoneyBook to manage her online invoicing process, but she quickly realized how many clients were interested in multiple service offerings and longer-term commitments. By using HoneyBook’s clientflow platform, she was able to meet that demand to scale her business.

The challenge:

Providing a custom lead capture process with less work

Before using lead forms, Hayley’s lead capture process was much more time intensive. As a marketing consultant, she knows the importance of a personalized experience, especially when it comes to selling services. But, providing this experience took a lot of work upfront. 

Whenever she wanted to capture a prospective client, she would work with her developer to create a custom landing page that included a contact form. Her developer would also custom-build the form’s functionality to allow for lead capture, scheduling, invoicing, and moving them into a CRM system. 

Altogether, the entire process usually required 5-6 hours of setup time–and that’s work that went in before the client was even booked. 

The solution:

Capturing and booking qualified leads instantly with lead forms

Currently, Hayley is using lead forms to book franchisees with Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming. More than 50 franchises are all eligible for her monthly marketing services, but it’s still up to them individually if they want to move forward and book with her. 

Lead forms have enabled her to sell her services, capture their information, and book with them all through a unique link. The lead form she uses for the franchisees is customized to fit the company’s branding and speaks directly to their unique needs. 

Lead forms was the scalable tool I had to have to make this work.

Lead forms was the scalable tool I had to have to make this work.

See how easy it is to create custom lead forms

Start from a template or build yours from scratch to capture, qualify, and book leads instantly from your public channels.

Setting up custom lead capture in less time

Compared to her previous process where she would have to rely on her developer, Hayley is now able to capture valuable leads in a fraction of the time. Six hours of set-up time has been cut down to just 1-2 hours in order to build a personalized lead form that she can send to all of the franchisees. Even though she still customizes her forms for each company, she was able to use just one form for 50+ franchisees. 

Though there are lead form templates available in HoneyBook, Hayley builds hers from scratch and uses all the elements available in the builder, such as photo and video, service selection, questions, scheduling, invoice, and payment. She was also able to drop in links to relevant resources, like her marketing strategy guide. 

In some DIY tools, you have a feature in mind and it’s just not there, but I never ran into that. Everything I could dream up was already there.

In some DIY tools, you have a feature in mind and it’s just not there, but I never ran into that. Everything I could dream up was already there.

Ensuring payment before any work begins

Because lead forms combine capture, qualification, and payment, Hayley can ensure she isn’t wasting time and resources before a new client pays. 

In her former process, she used to spend a lot of time on setup even before receiving the first payment. That included the setup time for custom forms as well as 2-3 hours in setting up their client portal.

Illustration of HoneyBook lead forms used for scheduling

Now, she doesn’t have to worry about prompting new clients for the first payment, since the lead form requires them to pay before they can schedule a kickoff call. She can ensure that her booking process is complete in one step, and she doesn’t have to worry about any unpaid labor.

I’m not having to prompt clients for the initial payment, which takes the pressure off as a business owner.

I’m not having to prompt clients for the initial payment, which takes the pressure off as a business owner.

Increased conversion with long-term clients

After implementing lead forms, Hayley has had a 100% conversion rate with leads who’ve submitted, and she fully credits the simple usability. In fact, every client she’s booked through lead forms has mentioned how fast and smooth the process was. 

Whenever a new client books, Hayley also has an automation set up to remind clients about their kickoff call and prompt them to pay their next invoice when it’s due. That’s two emails she doesn’t have to send on her own or hire someone to follow up and take care of that administrative work.

The conversion has been so exciting to see and it has worked flawlessly since implementation.

The conversion has been so exciting to see and it has worked flawlessly since implementation.

The results

  • 25% increase in monthly recurring revenue
  • 100% conversion with new leads
  • 20 hours saved per month

The new clients that Hayley has booked have contracts ranging from $750-$1,500 per month, and they add up to a 25% increase in her monthly recurring revenue. 

After only 1-2 hours of initial setup time, she’s also looking at increased savings. With lead forms, she no longer has the need to pay for web development work or other administrative work that comes with following up, facilitating booking, and more. 

The revenue has been game-changing!

The revenue has been game-changing!

What’s next

Next, Hayley plans to continue booking and onboarding 50+ nationwide locations with Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming, and she’ll do some with the same form she’s already built. 

Booking at that scale has only been possible with lead forms since she’s able to share a single link that includes everything they need to book. It’s eliminated the need to communicate directly with each client, without sacrificing personalization.

Though she’s just getting started, she also sees applications for lead forms with every revenue stream in her business. Each one can have its own branded lead form that she’ll be able to create without involving a web development team.  

Get started with lead forms to capture, qualify, and convert upfront 

Like Hayley, you can use lead forms to capture leads and book them without needing to be involved in the process. Ultimately, lead forms can help you remove much of the admin work off of your plate when you don’t need to be present to book new or recurring clients. 

To get started, you can use a lead forms template that meets your needs, such as scheduling and booking consultations, providing a robust inquiry form, offering instant booking, and more. Once you’re ready to use your lead forms, they’re shareable via a direct link. 

Connect the links to the buttons and CTAs on your website, include a link in your bio, or send them directly via email and social media.

Book leads instantly from your website, social channels, and more.

Getting started with HoneyBook lead forms is easy – just start with a template, then decide what actions you want to include, like intake, scheduling, payment, and more.

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