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Meet Our HoneyBook Pros—and Learn Which ‘Underrated Feature’ They Love for Supercharging Your Business

HoneyBook Pros

Need help optimizing your HoneyBook account? Look no further: Our HoneyBook Pros are here to help. Whether you’re a HoneyBook beginner or a seasoned user, HoneyBook Pros work with you one-on-one to help you get the most out of your account and work process.

HoneyBook Pros don’t just know the software, they’re also small business experts. They’re entrepreneurs (just like you!) in the business of helping small business owners be more efficient—so they know where you’re coming from and speak your language. 

HoneyBook Pros can help you:

  • Identify your ideal client experience
  • Map out the process with you
  • Bring it on to HoneyBook with your branding, personal touches and automation infused throughout for a jaw-dropping client experience that looks and feels like you

Learn more about what makes each of them unique below!

Meet Diana Wei Fang, Owner at The Finer Points

Instagram: @thefinerpoints


What’s your super power?

Social Media and Systems Strategist

What’s the most underrated HoneyBook feature? 

The first question I ask HoneyBookers is, “What is your ideal client experience?”

Helping them work through their goals and utilizing HoneyBook’s Automations to simplify their day to day tasks, while giving their clients a 5-star experience is a joy. Automations can be daunting because there’s a tendency to be wary of automation. But seeing how HoneyBook allows you to maintain control of your business, while streamlining your business, is the key to freedom!

What’s your favorite HoneyBook feature to help people with? 

I love helping people utilize Brochures! I think it’s a tool that can seem intimidating to most, but it’s so essential for streamlining your workflow. I love seeing how easy everyday tasks become afterwards.

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after helping someone optimize their HoneyBook process?

“I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders!”

Meet Stacey, Owner and HoneyBook Specialist at Stacey’s Virtual Assistant Services

HoneyBook Pro

Instagram: @staceysvaservices


What’s your super power?

I started my business almost 3 years ago as a Social Media Manager. As I was leveling up my business to provide more 1:1 services, I realized I needed a CRM.

I tried all of the most popular platforms, and they were either WAY over my head or were missing key components.

Then I found HoneyBook 🙌 It has solved all of my automation problems…so much so, I’ve created an entirely new service suite to help others who are struggling like I was earlier this year.

I still have SMM clients, but I now use my superpower of simplifying all of the messy bits of service-based business owners’ onboarding and admin tasks to help them level up and get their time back!

What’s the most underrated HoneyBook feature? Why?

I think the most underrated feature is probably the Contact Form. You can craft this form to meet just about any need you have, such as a tool to find out exactly what your clients’ budgets or needs are, or as a landing page for your newest service/product.

The fact that it has its own, independent URL is what makes it so versatile in my opinion. And I love the ability to direct potential clients to my scheduler as soon as they hit submit! 🤩

What’s your favorite HoneyBook feature to help people with? Why?

Automations…💯! I love taking all of the messy pieces of my clients’ processes and crafting an automation that works perfectly for them. There’s no two automations that are the same and I love the challenge of finding ways to make each client’s workflow and system as simple and streamlined as possible!

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after helping someone optimize their HoneyBook process?

I love it when clients share their “Ah-Ha” moment with me! My latest client said, “Stacey helped me organize my client workflow for my signature service from initial contact to final email, which was great, but the best part was seeing how she implemented it in HoneyBook. That was my ah-ha moment when everything started to click.”

With that clarity, she was able to create an automation for her newest mini service in less than 20 minutes!

Clients come to me confused and not sure how to make HoneyBook work for them, but when we’re done working together, it all makes perfect sense and saves them so much time!

Meet Kelli Esquilin, Systems Strategist at Kay + Co. Studio

Instagram: @kayandcostudio


What’s your super power?

I help designers double their client capacity without adding more to their schedule by streamlining their design process and client journey in a single VIP Workday.

What’s the most underrated HoneyBook feature? 

The Brochure. You can use it for so many things!! Think service guide, welcome guide, and questionnaires. It’s my favorite feature to help people with because I can fully customize it to your brand and help educate your clients on how to work with you.

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after helping someone optimize their HoneyBook process?

“If you’re looking to automate your process, Kelli is your girl. The process was so easy, it was like a spa treatment. So happy with how things turned out and my overall experience.”

Meet Dana Sacco, Automation Systems Expert at i2iHype

Instagram: @i2ihype


What’s your super power?

I help solopreneurs get their time back by educating them on how to grow, scale and automate their businesses with the help of HoneyBook. With 25 years of business experience under my belt, I can honestly say that I’ve felt the same way. Stuck. Frustrated. Wanting to automate and scale, but not knowing how. My life stuck on repeat every day with task after task. Lost time and freedom. Grinding away in my business. Then I discovered HoneyBook.

As a HoneyBook expert, I show you how to get your life back with simple automations, lead capture, onboarding, invoicing and a multitude of other features that you can harness for scaling your business.

What’s the most underrated HoneyBook feature? 

HoneyBook Automations! People aren’t sure how to use it and then they do something basic and don’t realize it can go beyond a customer paying an invoice.

For the virtual assistants and bookkeepers I work with, client onboarding is needed (and can be automated!) too. Have HB do the work for you and make sure it all works.

Using a client workflow automation software saves so much time to have everything set up and working correctly. The freedom and time that my clients find is amazing because they realize they don’t need to sit and answer every incoming message.

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after helping someone optimize their HoneyBook process?

My client knew she needed a system set up when she started their bookkeeping business. She was thrilled that I guided her from start to finish and made the entire process easy, plus it was all done in a day with my Day Intensive service.

Meet Deanna Burks, Owner & Creative Director at Deanna Burks Design

Instagram: @deannaburksdesign


What’s your super power?

I’m a creative director with a touch of nerd who loves the capability of tech paired with exquisite design. For over 30 years I’ve created everything from websites to databases, all designed with a beautiful experience in mind. In everything I do, I believe that good design possesses the power of persuasion and aesthetics can inspire action.

What’s the most underrated HoneyBook feature? 

Brochures don’t get used as much as I believe they should. They reduce a lot of time-consuming duplication of tasks by automating the proposal and contract process. The customer selects an item from your brochure and a proposal and online contract are automatically created. What is more efficient than that?

What’s your favorite HoneyBook feature to help people with? 

The automated first response to emails is one of my favorite features. There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching out to a company for more information and it takes them days to reply. It makes you feel unimportant when they don’t reply quickly. This eliminates that undesired outcome and replaces it with a praise-worthy outcome.

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after helping someone optimize their HoneyBook process?

“I could kick myself for not doing this sooner!” This from a client who I’ve had monthly meetings with for over two years explaining why they need to use HoneyBook.

Meet Laura Neff, Photographer, Business Coach and Workflow Expert at Laura Lee Creative

Instagram: @lauraleecreative


What’s your small business expertise/background/super power?

Brand Photography and Workflow Expert

What’s the most underrated HoneyBook feature? 

The Automations tool (in conjunction with the task management tool ‘cause they go hand in hand)! It’s the tool that is probably the most under-utilized and the most powerful on the whole platform in my opinion. It’s THE way to help you get your business fully streamlined and organized so you can spend less time running your business and more time doing what you love.

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after helping someone optimize their HoneyBook process?

“Finally applied all my Automations to my current projects (14 weddings + other sessions) and I’ve gotten more done in the last 3 hours checking off my “98 Tasks Due Today” than I have in the last 3 weeks combined. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU LAURA. This is only the beginning of not struggling anymore.”

This post was updated in August 2021 when the HoneyBook Workflow tool was renamed to Automations. The HoneyBook Automations tool maintains the same functionality with the ability to automate communications, tasks and more. For more information about the Automations update, check our August 2021 Release Notes.

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