Free Brochure Templates: Use THESE to Make a Big Impact

Ready to send a client or inquiry your brochure but need the right free brochure templates? Look no further, we have just the thing.

We partnered with to create two high-impact brochure templates that present your services, pricing and story in the best possible light. They’re beautifully designed, fully customizable and 100% free.

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Free brochure templates

Free Brochure Templates Download Includes:

1. Pricing & Services basic studio brochure templates (PSD Photoshop files)
2. Storytelling & Moodboard brochure templates (PSD Photoshop files)
3. Instruction set for using the templates

free brochure templates

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Want Your Brochure to Do Even More?

The #1 boo-boo we see entrepreneurs make with their brochure is not making it easy for clients to book them straight from the brochure. Think about it: The second you make your inquiry click out of your brochure to take another step to contact you, request a proposal or book your services, the second you’re less likely to get booked.

Customers get distracted. Emails get buried. The less friction in the process to book you, the better.

With HoneyBook brochures, customers can book from your brochure with the click of a button.

With HoneyBook brochures, customers can book from your brochure with the click of a button. Clickable fields let them choose their desired services, and they can even build their own package using the a la carte feature. After a customer submits the brochure, you’ll get a notification and a proposal is automatically generated for you. Just review, hit send and get booked within minutes.


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