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August, 2022

Practicing inclusivity is beneficial to every independent business, no matter the size or industry. In fact, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the core values of many of the most successful businesses. That’s because practicing DEI is not only the ethical thing to do, it’s also better for your bottom line. It empowers you to welcome more opportunities and build strong relationships with a broader range of clients, partners, and employees.

Ensuring your business is inclusive takes work and deliberate action. That’s where this month’s guide can help. Learn how to conduct an inclusion audit, improve your marketing language, confront your natural biases, and more.

A Note on Inclusivity
We recognize that inclusion is an important but infinite topic that cannot be adequately covered in a single guide. To make inclusion feel more manageable, this resource aims to amplify the voices in our community and provide some suggestions for how to make inclusion a continuous, ever-evolving process.

This month’s guide covers how to:

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