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Each month we’re exploring an important business topic and sharing best practices from business owners who’ve been there. From business planning to client communication and inclusive marketing, the Rising Tide monthly guides have got you covered. Download and start reading today!

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December, 2022

The end of the year can be a stressful time, but it’s not a requirement! At HoneyBook, we’re all about reframing your mindset for sustainable growth and better client relationships. Peace of mind is easier when you use a seamless, one-stop clientflow management platform like HoneyBook. No more client confusion, forgotten invoices, or double bookings. Then, you can use your newfound free time for goal setting to set yourself up for success!

There’s no time like the end of the year to develop your social channels, website, and word-of-mouth marketing methods. This month, we explain how to do this in-depth in our free monthly guide on goal setting. We’ll also cover how to decrease burnout, delegate work, create consistent content, and meet your 2023 PR goals!

This month’s guide covers how to:

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