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3 Powerful Wedding Submission Tips to Boost Your Online Exposure
by Christie Osborne, Mountainside Bride

Has your work been published on a wedding blog yet? Good for you! Getting published on blogs is now a standard practice in online marketing, and for good reason. In addition to the powerful benefits of added exposure and SEO, getting published on wedding blogs is a great way to grow your own audience.

Posted: 09.02.2016
Productivity tips for the too busy professionals
by Melanie Marconi and Amy Green

Today’s always-on culture rarely offers respite from the daily “busy-ness,” so in order to make the most of your days, it is important to make it a priority to build some in, even if just for a few minutes daily.

Posted: 09.01.2016
Can I use HoneyBook even though I’m not a Wedding Professional?
by Dannie Fountain

Ever since I made the switch to HoneyBook, I get asked all the time whether or not HoneyBook works for me as a non-wedding industry professional. My answer? A huge resounding YES. How has it changed and revolutionized my business? Read on for the dirty details.

Posted: 08.31.2016
10 Key Rules of Pitching to the Media
by Sasha Vasilyuk, I DO PR

If you’re ready to get some PR and have a story idea, images or unique tips to offer, the process isn’t too difficult to master once you know some basic rules. Follow these 10 key rules of pitching to the media and watch your brand recognition skyrocket.

Posted: 08.29.2016
5 Possible Reasons Your Blog Submission Was Rejected
by Victoria Deardorff

You just contributed to the most amazing, most well-put-together shoot. The styling was flawless. The photos were on point. The write-up was thoughtful and thorough; you even followed the blogger’s submission instructions to a T. But unfortunately, the submission was still rejected. Don’t get too down on yourself though!

Posted: 08.26.2016
Reasons to Use Collages for Your Business
by Sukey Murphy, Dress for the Wedding

Collages are an integral part of my content on Dress for the Wedding, where I wanted to create a place where people could tackle the daunting task of envisioning their wedding attire from head-to-toe, or outfitting an entire wedding party in keeping with their wedding theme.

Posted: 08.25.2016
Basic Accounting Principles for Creatives
by Ami Price—Aisle Society

Today, we’re going to chat a little bit about everyone’s favorite topic: money! As small business owners, it’s likely that you will not handle your own accounting, but it’s important to understand the basics of your finances so that you can determine how your business is performing.

Posted: 08.24.2016
Contact form automation just got more customizable
by Asha Bhatia, HoneyBook

We’ve now taken contact form automation one step further. Due to popular demand, we’ve added in the ability to customize an automated response based on event type.

Posted: 08.23.2016
The Importance of Getting Hands on with Creative Workshops Outside your Specialty
by Ariana, Hey Wedding Lady

As I have grown and developed Hey Wedding Lady as a blog and a brand over the past several years, I have loved getting hands on and learning from local wedding professionals at creative workshops!

Posted: 08.22.2016
5 Blogging Tools I Couldn’t Live Without
by Amy Elsworth

In the 4 and a bit years I have been blogging, many apps and tools have come and gone, but a few have made a permanent place in my heart. I don’t mean the basics such as Wordpress (much as I couldn’t imagine using any other platform), Google Analytics (although EVERY business should be using it!

Posted: 08.19.2016

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